This is the official update page for Bondo Game's 'Radiated'. Here you can see tips, tricks, and some Not-On Blog screenshots!

Open World
Radiated features a very large open world surrounded by lush environment and detailed models.

Interactive Environment
Almost every aspect of Radiated has been made interactive to the user, from blowing open the wall of a house, to digging a hole into the ground.

Smart AI's
Radiated has taken the time to develop 'Smart Artificial Intelligence' with different tribes with Culture, and beliefs that are effect and swayed depending on your actions.

New Content
New content and updates are done a lot of the time multiple times a day, to ensure there is always something new to strive for in the game.

Complete player freedom
There is a storyline behind the game, but it is up to the player to discover it, you are not driven to the storyline, but given the freedom to choose your own paths and choices.


  1. Anonymous5/05/2014

    this is so shit no way to download it

    1. Oh just shut your trap!

    2. If this is so shitty, then why don't you just come up with a better idea or useful critics instead of flamin' around like a 12 year old pseudo programmer kiddy.