Sep 1, 2014

The History of Bondo Games

I know this is sort of odd, but every time my skill level increases 5x more than it was I get the feeling I need a new blog to represent me. First it was

Then I began creating my own scripts from scratch and moved to this blog (The one your currently on)

     And finally I know am fluent in both JS and C# and I think its time to boost to the Ultimate Blog to represent me, one that I plan to use Professionaly and to express myself as a Programmer.

I have a lot of Creations and times into Bondo Games, from my first game to my next and next. Here are some Screenshots I have piled together from games I have made over time:

Alone World

Alone World V2
Fallen Path
Alone World 2
The Big Room

Sub Rosa

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking by!
You can check out what I'm doing now Here:

Again, thanks and I'll see you there!

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