Aug 9, 2014

48 Hour Challenge Results:

Well this was a bust.... 9 people entered the Contest. Not one of them Submitted their game, but yet are Online, half of them came up with excuses as to why they never even started. The other half never finished it.

Well anyways, here's the game I made for the Challenge: Put into a WinRAR File because otherwise the Browser blocks all Unity Files:

My Game Download:

WinRAR Download:


That is showing off one of the 5 Items used for Mining, There was a six that was a work in progress but I never got time to finish it.:

The image you will notice is blurry because the image is actually really small because its made out of very little pixels. But that Drill was the "Modern Drill" That game after the Factory Drill (The factory drill can be seen in the first image) But I never had the time to Implement it into the game. I probably might at some later point because I am thinking of posting this on the Microsoft App Store for free, and do a few adds on it to get some revenue for Sub Rosa. Which by the way is doing Great, improved car physics even more.

Anyways, Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post. Stay awesome :)

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