Aug 27, 2014

Lack of Patches & SubRosa Features

          I know there has been a lack of Posts, and Patches but I do want to assure you guys that I am still active in the field. In fact I am pleased to announce my game "Sub Rosa" is ready for the Greenlight, only it needs the $100 funds to do so. And since I have just about done everything to Sub Rosa I can until real testing gets going I have decided to not sit around and take on a new project (This post is actually a little late) But I have been working on something called "Axe" its a 'Secretive' project so I won't let you guys know what its about or what it is until its ready. All I will provide will be screenshots with a brief explanation and you guys will get to guess what the game is about.

          Again sorry for the lack of posts but again, been busy school is coming up in a week and  things have been a little chaotic, however just to assure you things are still getting done. Let me go over some of the features of Sub Rosa:

+ Ladder System
+ Health System (Server Sync)
+ Animation Syncng
+ Realistic Driving Physics
+ Inventory System (3 Items, 1 Equipment, 1 Special item)
+ Blood, Bullets, Sparks,
+ Death System (With Respawn Timer)
+ Server Creation
+ Error Logs (Detailed to the Situation)
+ Basic AI (Shoot at you, run, and can be killed)
+ Vehicle Details (Windows can be shot out, Wheels can be popped)

Or a Brief Feature List
+ Full Multiplayer Compatability (With Server Creation)
+ Detailed Car Physics and Extras
+ Advanced Shooting System
+ Inventory Picking
+ Basic AI Implementation

Again sorry for lack of updates, but the game is ready for Steam, it just needs the funds to be put up.

Thanks for reading, Feel free to leave a Comment and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)


Aug 9, 2014

48 Hour Challenge Results:

Well this was a bust.... 9 people entered the Contest. Not one of them Submitted their game, but yet are Online, half of them came up with excuses as to why they never even started. The other half never finished it.

Well anyways, here's the game I made for the Challenge: Put into a WinRAR File because otherwise the Browser blocks all Unity Files:

My Game Download:

WinRAR Download:


That is showing off one of the 5 Items used for Mining, There was a six that was a work in progress but I never got time to finish it.:

The image you will notice is blurry because the image is actually really small because its made out of very little pixels. But that Drill was the "Modern Drill" That game after the Factory Drill (The factory drill can be seen in the first image) But I never had the time to Implement it into the game. I probably might at some later point because I am thinking of posting this on the Microsoft App Store for free, and do a few adds on it to get some revenue for Sub Rosa. Which by the way is doing Great, improved car physics even more.

Anyways, Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post. Stay awesome :)

Aug 7, 2014

Bondo Games 48 Hour Challenge

Bondo Games 48 Hour Challenge

Welcome to the Bondo Games 48 Hour Challenge. You have 48 Hours to Create the Game of your Choosing, make sure it is Innovative, Original, and Creative. Your Game must fit the Challenge Theme and after Submitted, will be voted on by the Community, the top three games will then be voted on by three Anonymous Judges

Challenge Theme: Tycoon
Dimmension: 3D, 2.5D, 2D, even Text Based

Good luck, and Happy Programming!

Challenge: 8/7/14 ~ 8/9/14

Game must be Exported in Web Player form and Posted on any Website, then Send the link to my Email or Post it in the Comments!

Aug 4, 2014

SR_13 & SR_14

So it has been a long time since a Post was made, mainly because I lost internet for quite some time. But I have it back for a little white and I decided the best thing to do was to share with you guys the progress that is being made. So since I haven't been able to post for awhile so I have actually two patches prepared for you guys.


(Scroll to Bottom for a Hi-Light of Major adittions)
New Features/Improvements:
     First 'Construction' Building, creating a bigger sense of Scenery
     Replaced all Road / Sidewalk with a new one
     Changed how "Instant Planes" Behave (Blood, Bullet Holes, etc)
     Adjusted 'Trailer' part of the Main Menu
     Replaced Sparks with new ones
     Game now has a 'World Limit' that Generates in every Direction, going past this Limit will alert you to go back, going too far past it will kill you
     Added Water all around the City
     Completely Re-Designed the look of the HUD
     Shooting now Generates from the Barrel of the Gun instead of from the Camera
     Your Cursor changes when starting the game
     Your Cursor changes when holding a Gun
     You now drop your guns on death and go into an Overview look of the map
     Headshots multiply your guns damage by 3. (Basically a Instant kill with most guns)
     Added Cash so now Players can buy Guns, Vehicles, and Etc (Currently only Weapons are setup to be bought)
     Added Error Pop-Up for Attempting to Connecting to Multiplayer with no Internet
     Added the Ability to Create your Own server
     Added 'Join Random Room' Button to Multiplayer Menu

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Fixed 'Dual Generating' Cameras Problem created on Death
     Fixed Player Shooting themself when falling
     Fixed Player going into Negative Health

Thanks for Reading! If you have a Suggestion, find a bug,
or just want to say hi, feel free to email me at:

Highlight of Features:
+Added Construction Building
+Shooting Generates from Barrel of Gun
+HUD Completely Re-Designed
+Custom Cursors added
+Re-Designed entire Road System & Sidewalks
+New World Limit added
+You now Drop Guns on Death
+Added Overview of the Map on Death with Respawn Timer
+Added Headshots
+Added Cash
+Added Connection Error (No Internet Connection)
+Added the Ability to Create your Own Servers


Added Features/Improvements:
     Added 'Info' to Errors, allowing the player to see what might have caused this error to occur.
     Added 'Create Room' Button to Mutli Player menu, allowing the player to create a server/room,
with its own Name, Selected Map, and some Custom settings like Allow Respawning.
     Removed all Old Vehicles
     Deleted all Vehicle Scripts
     Completely Re-Designed (From Line 1) all of the Car Dynamics
     Added new Vehicle 'Car'.
     Added 'Controls' button to Options, allowing the player to adjust important controls

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Fixed World Limit Bug

Thanks for reading, if you have a Suggestion, find a bug,
or just want to say hi, feel free to email me at:

Highlight of Additions:
+Added Create Room ability in Multi Player Menu
+Added Info to errors
+Deleted all old Vehicles and Replaced with new, better Dynamiced ones

Notes about this Update:
I found that there was a lack of Dynamics to the game, the gravity was realistic, the guns fired nice, and the echos were
fantastic, then I realised how I tested each area, is I would take a car to that place. Well the problem about that was,
cars would float about a foot off the ground, and the only Dynamic Collisions about them were a Box used for Collision
under it. The wheels did not even Rotate.
So I decided to start over.
I deleted all the Vehicles, and their Scripts. And started from Scratch, the Result turned into a Vehicle with Glass,
Wheels that are effected individually by Physics, as well as held in place by Suspension (And can pop off if
the force is great enough), The entire Feel of the Vehicle is a lot more Realistic, the Vehicle actually rotates instead
of staying Stationary, and each wheel has an effect on Speed, and turning. If a wheel pops, or gets torn off that can
cause a lot of steering problems as well as decrease how fast you can go! (This car is a 4 Wheel Drive), and going
up and down Hills is amazing.