Jul 12, 2014

SR_9 "Steam Formatted"

Added Features/Improvements:
     Pickup GUI added to Interact Script
     Items are now Picked up based on Tag and Name
     Alive Objects (Player, AI, etc) can Bleed
     You must have 'Hands' Equipped in order to Drive
     Ricochet Sounds now Differ Depending on what was hit
     New 'Limo' Vehicle (Buggy)
     Added New Weapon / Gun: M-16
     Added New Weapon / Gun: 44 Magnum
     Added Ladders (You can now Climb Ladders)
     Blood now Sticks to Ground
     Ricochet Noise now Depends on an Objects Tag.
     Ricochet Noises now Differ (Normal, Brick, Metal, Body)
     Arms now 'Follow' the gun Instead of Remaining Stationary
     Each Gun/Weapon now Produces its own Sound.
     Vehicles can Now Run over Players / AI.
     Animation Transitioning Smoothened

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Vehicle Explosions now on Hood instead of Middle of Model
     Fixed Health going into Negatives
     If Object is Alive, no longer creates Metallic Bullet Holes on Object
     Fixed Blood Duplication Glitch
     Fixed Bullet Hole Duplication Glitch
     Fixed Gun Duplication Glitch
     Weapon Switching now Sends WeaponData Properly

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"There needs to be more Content, like new Guns and Vehicles and stuff" ~ Alpha Tester
More Content is getting implmented this Patch, however until 'Primary' Scripts are Mostly Completed,
expect there to not be that much Content getting added.

"Why does the Player, AI, and all the people on the Main Menu look the same?" ~ Alpha Tester
Because I have not created any other type of 'Playermodel' yet, so far there is really no need to
until more Gameplay Mechanics get implemented.

"You should be able to enter all Buildings, not just some." ~ Alpha Tester
I will try in the future to make 'all' buildings have an Inside, but for now well the game is still in Alpha
and not quite Developer, there is no need for that sort of Detail.

"You should make Helicopters and stuff" ~ Community
Flying Vehicles is on the Maybe list, however its not very Important to the Gameplay as of right now.

"More Explosives, please!" ~ Community
Explosives are on the list of things to do (It will go under the Equipment section of your Inventory)
However, until more Mechanics of the game are built it is not a priority

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  1. i think that would make the gameplay a little more interesting if you added being able to gain access to different buildings like one might have a great vantage point of an area.