Jul 8, 2014

SR_8 "Steam Format"

Hello guys, today I wanted to try out a 'Steam' Formated Update, so Tell me what you think:

New Features/Improvements:
     Added new Weapon/Gun: 9mm
     Added new Weapon/Gun: .44 Magnum
     Vehicle System (Van Only)
     Particle System (Sparks, Blood)
     New AI Dummy
     Main Menu Re-Organized
     Main Menu Scene Improved
     Player Gun Transitioning (Switching between Hotkeys)
     A Guns Spread now effects your Screen instead of just the gun
     Player Status System created. allowing for the Game to tell the Current situation
     Gun damage increased
     If Player falls off map, the Player will die Instead of fall Infinitely
     Interact Key (Default: E) Can now be changed by a Variable
     Blood Drops now Render on Both Sides of the Plane Mesh
     Bullet Holes now Render on Both Sides of the Plane Mesh

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Animation System no longer stuck on Walking Animation
     Transition from Surrender to Hands takes Longer
     Guns no Longer collide with other Objects
     You can no longer Shoot yourself from aiming completely forwarding
     Vehicle no longer falls through the World
     Bullet Hole Transparency fixed
     Cars Upon Blowing up can No longer be Driven
     Sparks No longer Render 1-Sided but 4-Sided
     Blood no Longer jumps around on the ground

If you find any Bugs or have a Suggestion, Feel free to send it to:

~The Bondo Games Team
 (  //  ) Means would not be in a Steam Post
// The Bondo Games team is me doing Development
// And my friend Jahsoulli Blain doing Storyline Writing for Missions / Heists / Scene

When do you plan to release this game?
Well I am not sure, First it needs more time put into it, Then it needs to get Greenlight, then it has to be formatted for Steam's system. Before it can be put up on the Store.

How long did it Take you to make it as far as you are now?
I have spent about 2 - 4 Hours on it each day, I have however gone a some days without Development, so its honestly pretty hard to tell. I would say a good 22 or so Hours has been put into its Creation.

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