Jul 3, 2014

SR_5 "Guns and Duds"

So another very productive time today, in getting some more done with the Gun / Shooting System:

Features of a Gun:
1) Ammo
2) Reloading
3) Weapon Spread
4) Fire Rate
5) Damage
6) Bullet Holes (Advanced) -Explained near bottom-

Weapon Spread up close and from a Distance:

So now each weapon can have its own spread, fire rate, damage, ammo, etc. The next thing I did was work on the Main Menu as it was a little plain and boring:

This is not the actual main menu screen, just one of the scenes in it.

You will notice how the Bullet Holes in this scene are Purple, that is because when a Bullet Hole is Created it has no Texture. When the game actually starts however it picks between 3 textures, a random size aswell. And when a bullet hole is shot, the hole will emit a ricochet sound, so you know your getting shot at!

So these bullet holes are pretty advanced, 1/3 will look similar 1/1000 will be the same size 1/8 will create the same ricochet sound.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

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