Jul 2, 2014

SR_4 "Getting the basics"

So today I got most of the Script basics done as well as some more advanced things, the first thing to show is the new PlayerModel:

As you can see hes a cute lil' dude, and is ready to kill! Again I just want to remind everyone that what I'm doing is first re-creating the game Sub Rosa, then adding to it. So this playermodel is based off of the SubRosa playermodel.

Next I got the Shooting System nicely done:

So right now you cannot actually see the gun firing, but a log is created that lets me know that the gun has been fired, and what the bullet hit.

How the Bullet System works:
-Draws a large line from the player to infinity, if hit something send a message to that object to apply damage, if hit nothing, delete the line.

This will make an infinitely going bullet, however with 100% Accuracy, I plan on doing some sort of Recoil / Bullet drop in the future.

I also got the spawn system. main menu, and pause menu to all work correctly. Also I am not sure how multiplayer works due to the fact that there's no way for me to test it.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post, Stay awesome :)


"Dont make it stop after a certain distance please, and how about less damage from distance?" - Robert Reinhard
-First, It now is infinite so now worrys :D. Second, I am trying to currently recreate sub Rosa, then add detail their system is it is infinite however the spread of the bullet is enough to make it a challenge to hit people. Again, I plan on making this better, but only once I have re-created the original game.

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