Jul 24, 2014


Added Features/Improvements:
     Removed Inventory System
     Added New Inventory System (1, 2, 3 Hotkeys not specefied to gun) 4 - Equipment, 5 - Hands, 6 - Surrender
     Created Options Menu (Graphics, Controls) ~ Available In-Game and from Main Menu
     Completely Re-Designed the Factory Building
     Added 'Construction Site' to the City
     Created first 'Prop' Script, so now Props can be Destroyed (Specefied ones)
     Made 'Respawn' system, so after dying, you can wait 10 Seconds to Respawn (This will only be available on Certain Game Modes in the future)
     Re-Designed Vehicle Physics for a more 'Dynamic' feel when driving

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Fixed Death making Screen go Grey
     Fixed getting stuck inside a Vehicle when Exiting
     Fixed Sound not Traveling throughout the City (The sound could originally only be heard within a short area)
     Fixed Exiting Vehicles causing your Character to lose Health
     Fixed Respawning also creating a Duplicate of your Guns

Thanks for Reading! If you have a Suggestion, find a bug,
or just wanna say hi, feel free to email me at:

"When do you plan on Releasing the game for a Beta Test?" ~ Community
Well first the map needs to be a little more complete, there are quite a few empty lots, only 6 buildings in the city total actually, and the lack of content would probably just make people mad.

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