Jul 18, 2014


Added Features/Improvements:
     Enhanced Ladder System (You can now go Down and Up ladders) instead of just up
     Added new Shop Menu, with Tabs (Vehicles, Weapons, Stock Market)
     Improved Dynamics of all Vehicles
     Added 'Factory' Building to the City (The first Building that can be Entered)
     Re-Designed Main Menu again
     Added '$' as a new Status item
     Added $ to HUD
     Added 3 Skyscrapers to the City
     Added Roof to Buildings (Originally it would seem as if the Roof was the same as the side, giving you the feeling that you were walking on the side of a building)
     Added Fall-Damage Modifier to Players
     Added 'Sky Limit' to the world so Players if they found themselves shooting into the air, would not go to Infinity
     Added 'Ground Limit' to the world so Players if they found themselves falling through the world, would not go to Infinity
     Smoothened Animation Transitioning
     Added 'Steering' Animations to Vehicles
     Player becomes a Ragdoll on Death
     Bleeding now Generates Dual-Sided
     Removed all 'Standalone Graphic Settings' to make way for User-Determined Ones (Created in Main Menu)
     Increased Shadow Drawing Distance
     Reduced Shadow Quality (There was no Difference since these aren't High-Poly Models, just reduces lagg, doesnt change the look)
     Added 'Resume Reloading' (So you don't need to start over reloading one weapon if you switch to a new weapon)
     Added 100 Shots to MG-42's Stored Ammo (100 in Starting Mag, 200 shots in Stored Ammo, 300 Shots total)

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Fixed Vehicles from "Becoming a SpaceShip"
     Re-Designed Main Menu again
     Fixed Enemies from becoming Ketchup Bottles
     Fixed Bullet Holes being Single-Sided
     Fixed 'To the Heaven's glitch caused by Ladders
     Fixed Building Clipping
     Fixed Vehicles from Falling through the World on Hills
     Fixed Not being able to Shoot player when Inside a Vehicle (Not Network Tested)
     Fixed Texture-Tiling not being to Realistic Scale
     Fixed Collisions with Sidewalks
     Ladder Animation Removed for Bug Solving

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