Jul 14, 2014


Added Features/Improvements:
     New Gameplay HUD Showing Stats and WeaponData
     Added a 'Sit' Ability to Benches
     Driving Animations Created for Vehicles.
     Made Vehicles more Dynamic, with Acceleration and Deceleration
     Added 'Code' Section to Main Menu
     Added Player Status Ranks (Admin, GM, User)
     Restricted Username 'kriller509' Because Alpha Testers find it the funniest thing in the world to make their Username that..
     Added Chat Messaging
     Added 'Commands' to Messages,  ( /COMMAND ) in Chat.
     New Weapon/Gun: Ak-47
     New Weapon/Gun: MG-42
     // With the Ak-47 in Place, I now have all the Original Guns from Sub Rosa made & the MG
     Added 'Tutorial' Button to Main Menu, allowing Players to Learn how to play the game before getting into the Action.
     Created new Main Menu Scene
     Added 'Options' Button to Main Menu (WIP)

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Fixed Car no longer having Collision after Exited
     Fixed a 'NoClip' bug created from Climbing Ladders

Thanks for Reading! If you ever have a Suggestion, find a bug
or just wanna say Hi. Feel free to Email me at:

"I thought you had limited internet, how come I see Alpha Testers making Quotes?" ~ Community
Well when I do have Internet I upload a copy of the game to a Cloud they can access, thats about all I can do however,
So I have not been able to test Network yet, this means when I do, I am sure to find a lot of problems.
Until then, game is working Smoothly (Little Bugs, No lagg)

"I'm going to make my Username kriller509! ROFL LMFAO LOL IM YOU NOW! XD" ~ Alpha Testers
Well now you can't :)

"When will this game be on Steam?" ~ Community & Alpha Testers
Well first it has to be Greenlight (Voted for) Which I Hope to get Started within the next 3 months (Of Course
I do not have much of a Community made up, so my votes I will have to count on coming completely from
the General Steam Community) This is not a very good way to do it, but I really don't have much of
a choice, I mean other than asking some friends to vote for my game.

After it's voted for I just need to Tweak it to Fit Steam's System, add some Achievements, do a little more
testing and It will be ready to have a Store Page.

"You should be able to Create Rooms and have Settings" ~ Alpha Testers
Planned, in fact I think I might get around to it within the next few days. The problem
I have though with this Networking stuff, is without actually being able
to test it myself, who knows how it will turn out. And I cannot really test Making Rooms
or Joining them without the Proper Internet to do So.

"There needs to be a Money System, and Teams should start at different areas" ~ Alpha Testers
All planned features for the future

"i think that would make the gameplay a little more interesting if you added being able to gain access to different buildings like one might have a great vantage point of an area." ~ Community
In the future I plan to have all Buildings to have Access to, but that isn't completely necessary as of yet.

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