Jul 4, 2014

SR_6 "Picking up Toys"

So wow, every patch has been a nice Productive day. That makes me happy :)

Anyways, so today was another productive day in Game Development, starting off by Optimizing the Guns more:

Those are all the features that i have implemented into the MP5, and can now be implemented into all and any other guns. This script I created allows me to apply it to any object, and turn it into a gun!

You will also notice the new feature 'Reload Speed' and Remain Ammo. Originally reloading was instant and minused 30 from your extra ammo no matter how many shots you had actually used. Well now it minuses correctly, and takes time to reload!

Well whats the use of having multiple guns if you start out with one and cant pick up any? So I created a pick up script:

You will also notice there is a dot in the middle of the screen, un like all my other games you are now able to tell where the middle of the screen is for shooting! :D

This is actually my first attempt at an Inventory System, so I am very proud (The inventory system used in my first games was by Brackeys)

I also worked on some Player Animations so you weren't floating around all over the place:
The player running

The player holding a gun and shooting (Players View and Editors View)
(Click to get Full Picture Zoom)
So far this game is turning out great, now back to the point, this is no longer a complete re-creation of Sub Rosa, as there were too many things wrong with that game. (But a lot of good concept) So I have decided to re-create Sub Rosa is my own fashion.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

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