Jul 24, 2014


Added Features/Improvements:
     Removed Inventory System
     Added New Inventory System (1, 2, 3 Hotkeys not specefied to gun) 4 - Equipment, 5 - Hands, 6 - Surrender
     Created Options Menu (Graphics, Controls) ~ Available In-Game and from Main Menu
     Completely Re-Designed the Factory Building
     Added 'Construction Site' to the City
     Created first 'Prop' Script, so now Props can be Destroyed (Specefied ones)
     Made 'Respawn' system, so after dying, you can wait 10 Seconds to Respawn (This will only be available on Certain Game Modes in the future)
     Re-Designed Vehicle Physics for a more 'Dynamic' feel when driving

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Fixed Death making Screen go Grey
     Fixed getting stuck inside a Vehicle when Exiting
     Fixed Sound not Traveling throughout the City (The sound could originally only be heard within a short area)
     Fixed Exiting Vehicles causing your Character to lose Health
     Fixed Respawning also creating a Duplicate of your Guns

Thanks for Reading! If you have a Suggestion, find a bug,
or just wanna say hi, feel free to email me at:

"When do you plan on Releasing the game for a Beta Test?" ~ Community
Well first the map needs to be a little more complete, there are quite a few empty lots, only 6 buildings in the city total actually, and the lack of content would probably just make people mad.

Jul 21, 2014

Sub Rosa on IndieDB !

Sub Rosa just got Authorized on IndieDB! This should help Build up a Community, and improve Chances of more Team Members, and getting approved on the Steam Greenlight when the time Comes!

You can Check it out Here:

Indie DB

Jul 18, 2014


Added Features/Improvements:
     Enhanced Ladder System (You can now go Down and Up ladders) instead of just up
     Added new Shop Menu, with Tabs (Vehicles, Weapons, Stock Market)
     Improved Dynamics of all Vehicles
     Added 'Factory' Building to the City (The first Building that can be Entered)
     Re-Designed Main Menu again
     Added '$' as a new Status item
     Added $ to HUD
     Added 3 Skyscrapers to the City
     Added Roof to Buildings (Originally it would seem as if the Roof was the same as the side, giving you the feeling that you were walking on the side of a building)
     Added Fall-Damage Modifier to Players
     Added 'Sky Limit' to the world so Players if they found themselves shooting into the air, would not go to Infinity
     Added 'Ground Limit' to the world so Players if they found themselves falling through the world, would not go to Infinity
     Smoothened Animation Transitioning
     Added 'Steering' Animations to Vehicles
     Player becomes a Ragdoll on Death
     Bleeding now Generates Dual-Sided
     Removed all 'Standalone Graphic Settings' to make way for User-Determined Ones (Created in Main Menu)
     Increased Shadow Drawing Distance
     Reduced Shadow Quality (There was no Difference since these aren't High-Poly Models, just reduces lagg, doesnt change the look)
     Added 'Resume Reloading' (So you don't need to start over reloading one weapon if you switch to a new weapon)
     Added 100 Shots to MG-42's Stored Ammo (100 in Starting Mag, 200 shots in Stored Ammo, 300 Shots total)

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Fixed Vehicles from "Becoming a SpaceShip"
     Re-Designed Main Menu again
     Fixed Enemies from becoming Ketchup Bottles
     Fixed Bullet Holes being Single-Sided
     Fixed 'To the Heaven's glitch caused by Ladders
     Fixed Building Clipping
     Fixed Vehicles from Falling through the World on Hills
     Fixed Not being able to Shoot player when Inside a Vehicle (Not Network Tested)
     Fixed Texture-Tiling not being to Realistic Scale
     Fixed Collisions with Sidewalks
     Ladder Animation Removed for Bug Solving

Thanks for Reading! If you have a Suggestion, find a Bug,
or just wanna Say hi, email me at:

Jul 14, 2014


Added Features/Improvements:
     New Gameplay HUD Showing Stats and WeaponData
     Added a 'Sit' Ability to Benches
     Driving Animations Created for Vehicles.
     Made Vehicles more Dynamic, with Acceleration and Deceleration
     Added 'Code' Section to Main Menu
     Added Player Status Ranks (Admin, GM, User)
     Restricted Username 'kriller509' Because Alpha Testers find it the funniest thing in the world to make their Username that..
     Added Chat Messaging
     Added 'Commands' to Messages,  ( /COMMAND ) in Chat.
     New Weapon/Gun: Ak-47
     New Weapon/Gun: MG-42
     // With the Ak-47 in Place, I now have all the Original Guns from Sub Rosa made & the MG
     Added 'Tutorial' Button to Main Menu, allowing Players to Learn how to play the game before getting into the Action.
     Created new Main Menu Scene
     Added 'Options' Button to Main Menu (WIP)

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Fixed Car no longer having Collision after Exited
     Fixed a 'NoClip' bug created from Climbing Ladders

Thanks for Reading! If you ever have a Suggestion, find a bug
or just wanna say Hi. Feel free to Email me at:

"I thought you had limited internet, how come I see Alpha Testers making Quotes?" ~ Community
Well when I do have Internet I upload a copy of the game to a Cloud they can access, thats about all I can do however,
So I have not been able to test Network yet, this means when I do, I am sure to find a lot of problems.
Until then, game is working Smoothly (Little Bugs, No lagg)

"I'm going to make my Username kriller509! ROFL LMFAO LOL IM YOU NOW! XD" ~ Alpha Testers
Well now you can't :)

"When will this game be on Steam?" ~ Community & Alpha Testers
Well first it has to be Greenlight (Voted for) Which I Hope to get Started within the next 3 months (Of Course
I do not have much of a Community made up, so my votes I will have to count on coming completely from
the General Steam Community) This is not a very good way to do it, but I really don't have much of
a choice, I mean other than asking some friends to vote for my game.

After it's voted for I just need to Tweak it to Fit Steam's System, add some Achievements, do a little more
testing and It will be ready to have a Store Page.

"You should be able to Create Rooms and have Settings" ~ Alpha Testers
Planned, in fact I think I might get around to it within the next few days. The problem
I have though with this Networking stuff, is without actually being able
to test it myself, who knows how it will turn out. And I cannot really test Making Rooms
or Joining them without the Proper Internet to do So.

"There needs to be a Money System, and Teams should start at different areas" ~ Alpha Testers
All planned features for the future

"i think that would make the gameplay a little more interesting if you added being able to gain access to different buildings like one might have a great vantage point of an area." ~ Community
In the future I plan to have all Buildings to have Access to, but that isn't completely necessary as of yet.

Jul 12, 2014

SR_9 "Steam Formatted"

Added Features/Improvements:
     Pickup GUI added to Interact Script
     Items are now Picked up based on Tag and Name
     Alive Objects (Player, AI, etc) can Bleed
     You must have 'Hands' Equipped in order to Drive
     Ricochet Sounds now Differ Depending on what was hit
     New 'Limo' Vehicle (Buggy)
     Added New Weapon / Gun: M-16
     Added New Weapon / Gun: 44 Magnum
     Added Ladders (You can now Climb Ladders)
     Blood now Sticks to Ground
     Ricochet Noise now Depends on an Objects Tag.
     Ricochet Noises now Differ (Normal, Brick, Metal, Body)
     Arms now 'Follow' the gun Instead of Remaining Stationary
     Each Gun/Weapon now Produces its own Sound.
     Vehicles can Now Run over Players / AI.
     Animation Transitioning Smoothened

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Vehicle Explosions now on Hood instead of Middle of Model
     Fixed Health going into Negatives
     If Object is Alive, no longer creates Metallic Bullet Holes on Object
     Fixed Blood Duplication Glitch
     Fixed Bullet Hole Duplication Glitch
     Fixed Gun Duplication Glitch
     Weapon Switching now Sends WeaponData Properly

Thanks for Reading! If you have a Suggestion or Comment,
Email me at:

"There needs to be more Content, like new Guns and Vehicles and stuff" ~ Alpha Tester
More Content is getting implmented this Patch, however until 'Primary' Scripts are Mostly Completed,
expect there to not be that much Content getting added.

"Why does the Player, AI, and all the people on the Main Menu look the same?" ~ Alpha Tester
Because I have not created any other type of 'Playermodel' yet, so far there is really no need to
until more Gameplay Mechanics get implemented.

"You should be able to enter all Buildings, not just some." ~ Alpha Tester
I will try in the future to make 'all' buildings have an Inside, but for now well the game is still in Alpha
and not quite Developer, there is no need for that sort of Detail.

"You should make Helicopters and stuff" ~ Community
Flying Vehicles is on the Maybe list, however its not very Important to the Gameplay as of right now.

"More Explosives, please!" ~ Community
Explosives are on the list of things to do (It will go under the Equipment section of your Inventory)
However, until more Mechanics of the game are built it is not a priority

Jul 8, 2014

SR_8 "Steam Format"

Hello guys, today I wanted to try out a 'Steam' Formated Update, so Tell me what you think:

New Features/Improvements:
     Added new Weapon/Gun: 9mm
     Added new Weapon/Gun: .44 Magnum
     Vehicle System (Van Only)
     Particle System (Sparks, Blood)
     New AI Dummy
     Main Menu Re-Organized
     Main Menu Scene Improved
     Player Gun Transitioning (Switching between Hotkeys)
     A Guns Spread now effects your Screen instead of just the gun
     Player Status System created. allowing for the Game to tell the Current situation
     Gun damage increased
     If Player falls off map, the Player will die Instead of fall Infinitely
     Interact Key (Default: E) Can now be changed by a Variable
     Blood Drops now Render on Both Sides of the Plane Mesh
     Bullet Holes now Render on Both Sides of the Plane Mesh

Fixed Glitches/Bugs:
     Animation System no longer stuck on Walking Animation
     Transition from Surrender to Hands takes Longer
     Guns no Longer collide with other Objects
     You can no longer Shoot yourself from aiming completely forwarding
     Vehicle no longer falls through the World
     Bullet Hole Transparency fixed
     Cars Upon Blowing up can No longer be Driven
     Sparks No longer Render 1-Sided but 4-Sided
     Blood no Longer jumps around on the ground

If you find any Bugs or have a Suggestion, Feel free to send it to:

~The Bondo Games Team
 (  //  ) Means would not be in a Steam Post
// The Bondo Games team is me doing Development
// And my friend Jahsoulli Blain doing Storyline Writing for Missions / Heists / Scene

When do you plan to release this game?
Well I am not sure, First it needs more time put into it, Then it needs to get Greenlight, then it has to be formatted for Steam's system. Before it can be put up on the Store.

How long did it Take you to make it as far as you are now?
I have spent about 2 - 4 Hours on it each day, I have however gone a some days without Development, so its honestly pretty hard to tell. I would say a good 22 or so Hours has been put into its Creation.

Jul 6, 2014

SR_7 "Hands behind your head!"

So today I got some new Animations done, and worked on the Inventory system, as well as finished the Main Menu Scene:

Buttons removed to show the Scene.

There is all a Brand new Inventory system in place, allowing the player to hold 4 items.
1) Primary Weapon
2) Secondary Weapon (Handgun)
3) Melee Weapon (Knife, Machete, etc)
4) Equipment (Land Mine, Grenade, Gas Mask)
---These just being examples, those don't actually exist yet (The gas masks and knifes and stuff)

So far there are 2 items the player can pick up.
9mm Pistol

Player facing down with hands up
There is also a hotkey system controlled by Variables, this making so in the future the player will be able to pick what keys get out what items. Currently the player can also choose to just have his hands out (to put away his weapons), and also to Surrender. Which puts away your weapons and places your hands behind your back

(This is a great tactic for Big groups to use on single players) Tell em to face the other way, drop their guns and place their hands behind their back.

The system is fully working, I just haven't gotten around to making a drop system yet (But is planned). Next thing to do here is to work on the GUI a little more and possibly make some dummies to kill.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

Jul 4, 2014

SR_6 "Picking up Toys"

So wow, every patch has been a nice Productive day. That makes me happy :)

Anyways, so today was another productive day in Game Development, starting off by Optimizing the Guns more:

Those are all the features that i have implemented into the MP5, and can now be implemented into all and any other guns. This script I created allows me to apply it to any object, and turn it into a gun!

You will also notice the new feature 'Reload Speed' and Remain Ammo. Originally reloading was instant and minused 30 from your extra ammo no matter how many shots you had actually used. Well now it minuses correctly, and takes time to reload!

Well whats the use of having multiple guns if you start out with one and cant pick up any? So I created a pick up script:

You will also notice there is a dot in the middle of the screen, un like all my other games you are now able to tell where the middle of the screen is for shooting! :D

This is actually my first attempt at an Inventory System, so I am very proud (The inventory system used in my first games was by Brackeys)

I also worked on some Player Animations so you weren't floating around all over the place:
The player running

The player holding a gun and shooting (Players View and Editors View)
(Click to get Full Picture Zoom)
So far this game is turning out great, now back to the point, this is no longer a complete re-creation of Sub Rosa, as there were too many things wrong with that game. (But a lot of good concept) So I have decided to re-create Sub Rosa is my own fashion.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

Jul 3, 2014

SR_5 "Guns and Duds"

So another very productive time today, in getting some more done with the Gun / Shooting System:

Features of a Gun:
1) Ammo
2) Reloading
3) Weapon Spread
4) Fire Rate
5) Damage
6) Bullet Holes (Advanced) -Explained near bottom-

Weapon Spread up close and from a Distance:

So now each weapon can have its own spread, fire rate, damage, ammo, etc. The next thing I did was work on the Main Menu as it was a little plain and boring:

This is not the actual main menu screen, just one of the scenes in it.

You will notice how the Bullet Holes in this scene are Purple, that is because when a Bullet Hole is Created it has no Texture. When the game actually starts however it picks between 3 textures, a random size aswell. And when a bullet hole is shot, the hole will emit a ricochet sound, so you know your getting shot at!

So these bullet holes are pretty advanced, 1/3 will look similar 1/1000 will be the same size 1/8 will create the same ricochet sound.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

Jul 2, 2014

SR_4 "Getting the basics"

So today I got most of the Script basics done as well as some more advanced things, the first thing to show is the new PlayerModel:

As you can see hes a cute lil' dude, and is ready to kill! Again I just want to remind everyone that what I'm doing is first re-creating the game Sub Rosa, then adding to it. So this playermodel is based off of the SubRosa playermodel.

Next I got the Shooting System nicely done:

So right now you cannot actually see the gun firing, but a log is created that lets me know that the gun has been fired, and what the bullet hit.

How the Bullet System works:
-Draws a large line from the player to infinity, if hit something send a message to that object to apply damage, if hit nothing, delete the line.

This will make an infinitely going bullet, however with 100% Accuracy, I plan on doing some sort of Recoil / Bullet drop in the future.

I also got the spawn system. main menu, and pause menu to all work correctly. Also I am not sure how multiplayer works due to the fact that there's no way for me to test it.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post, Stay awesome :)


"Dont make it stop after a certain distance please, and how about less damage from distance?" - Robert Reinhard
-First, It now is infinite so now worrys :D. Second, I am trying to currently recreate sub Rosa, then add detail their system is it is infinite however the spread of the bullet is enough to make it a challenge to hit people. Again, I plan on making this better, but only once I have re-created the original game.