Jun 28, 2014

SR_1 "Chopped Roads"

So as you all know, I am up north and Internet is hard to get. So I decided to when I could to post to you guys!

First thing:
I cannot work on Battleground well I am up here because its in a Dropbox folder, The internet speed up here at the highest gets 30KB/second so... yeah. Anyways, I can't get game development out of my mind, so throughout the summer I'll be posting to you my new project which is stored locally and requires no internet to work on Called 'Sub Rosa'

Sub Rosa is an amazing game about deals, and death. But the maker of it hasn't continued its development in years. So I have decided to re-create it and give its some love.

The first thing was first, to recreate the map:
As you can see its going kinda well.
I have done a good job getting the basics of the roads down (Obviously not finished) But they are looking pretty good. Still choppy, but good.

Well thats all!

Plans for Next Patch:

Thanks for reading, Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)


"Have fun up north!" - Rob
-Thanks, cant change your name again because of the internet speed.

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