Jun 26, 2014

BG_8 "Bugs"

So the new Red VS Blue Patch brought on more Glitches / Bugs that I intended. So here is a list of all I had to fix:

Fixed Bugs:
1) Shooting no longer generates collisions (You could jump on top of your laser bullet and climb it like a ramp)
2) Water no longer has Collision (You used to be jesus)
3) Shooting no longer crashes the person your shooting's game (Now they respawn ! :D)
4) Alot others fixed on the go, those are just the big ones

Unfixed Bugs:
1) Pushing props around is jittery across the Network

Regarding the Look of the Player:
He will right now look like a Character from Sub Rosa, by the Cryptic Sea. This is just so you have something to look at, that isn't a pill. If you have never heard of Sub Rosa click on the link:

So yeah, this took awhile to fix, so sorry for not posting anything. I am headed Up North for a good part of the summer, so I am not sure when I will be able to put out posts, I will try as often as possible though since when we have internet it is for 5 minutes, so I have to be fast!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

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  1. ok stay in touch have a fun time in the north!