Jun 23, 2014

BG_7 "Red VS Blue"

Note: I am still doing everything solo, the team I have is for writing a storyline, so to push anyones concerns away, I am the only one working on the project right now.

So today has been a more than just productive day, but a big leap in the game!

First off, I want to show you all the epic Combat System:

You will notice the Character is Blue, this is because he is on the Blue Team, There are two teams you can pick when joining, Red or Blue (You can also select Random and it will pick a random one).

Team System:
-Pick Red or Blue
  -Will spawn you at your teams spawn and change your characters color
  -You can kill team members, however this will have have a (planned) penalty effect
  -Kill each other!

I also integrated some more network features as you can see like Special Effects!

As you can see from this Screenshot, almost all props are Interactive (Like they were before) but now they track across the Network, originally when one person knocked over a barrel, everyone on the server saw the barrels in different positions, however now everyone sees the barrels correctly.

I also made editing easier for myself by adding some Gizmos:

This will show me where the Blue and Red spawns are so I don't have to click them and then look at their Script ID and blah blah blah.

Primary Features Integrated:
-Fixed Networking
-Red and Blue team added
-Added Grass, Bushes, and Sticks to Terrain
-Fixed Water fading from a distance
-Player tracking Quality Increased
-Physics now track Properly over the Network
-New Special FX System for the Combat

Thanks for reading, Feel free to leave a Comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

Also Thanks everyone for coming back, I know it's been a wait for updates, but as you can see, now things are back on track! Also I added more color to the post :3

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  1. thats cool
    but one question i know you aren't far into the development but what kind of bodies or character models will there be?