Jun 20, 2014

BG_5 "Parkour!"

Hello there, and sorry for the big wait, but its time we got things back on track. And what better way to do it than to show LIVE proof that I'm still alive? So I decided to do a live recording of my Game Development.
So I got on my computer and just start recording with some music in the background.

The result was, the starting of the first map getting Created:

I created the first real map, it includes two buildings, a ramp and lights. You spawn on one of the two buildings and that is how the game starts, there are two planks that sit there, you can use those to cross between the roofs of the two buildings. (This is a feature implemented because of the large request of wanting Parkour) All around you is water, and grass. The setting is city built over a swamp. I did take a lot of details into each building

(One thing that is interesting is, to create the ramp going between the two buildings I just made long planks and gave them physics, then recorded where they fell, so it was realistic)

Building on Left (for example)
3 Different Window Types
Vent System
Gutter & A pipe for pouring water
Side Poles
Vents on top

I have not yet added the grass, sticks, and bushes to the terrain, but plan to soon.
NOTE: This is NOT the entire map, this is just the start of it.

If you missed the Broadcast you can find it here: (33 Minutes long)
I did not think to start recording until after I had created most of the items in the scene, however you can still see a lot get added.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)


"Hmm I wonder why there's no posts? Probably he abandoned it again lol." - Anonymous
-First of all, Meg. Who let you back in the house? Second, If you wanna say something to me, say it with a name. I'm removing the ability to comment as Anonymous.

"Is there going to be a download to this game?" - Ethan Martin
-Yes, once it is near done of Course & When the beta comes, however until then I only do private testing with Alpha Testers.

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