May 13, 2014


So welcome to the Brand New starting Development of "TSW" I cannot give you the meaning of these 3 letters until a later point. For now please enjoy :)

It's a horror game, the shadows are surrounding you, and you have to survive and build light in order to stay alive. Light pushes away the shadows to allow you to escape, Light will heal you, depending on how strong the light is will depend on how fast it heals. Let's take a look at what I have so far:

As you can see the game is very graphic focused and I plan to spend a lot of time on it. How did I come up with this idea you ask? Well I didn't. Introducing my partner in crime.... Conner Roberts!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay Awesome :)


"Make a space ship simulator" - Robofighter1000
-There's a game being funded just like this on Kickstarter. Sorry :( (Infact it looks pretty good)


  1. ): idk what Kickstarter is but thats no fair.
    (: it looks pretty good i have no idea what the letters mean though. and also hello to your partner in crime Conner Roberts!

    can't wait to find out more about your new game!

    1. Robofighter, you may be interested in if your looking for a space sim.
      Kickstarter is a place where people can bring there products to the general public without needing investor. Crowd sourced funding, pretty much.

  2. hey i did some research on the naval game! if you still want to consider.

    All the games that i have found are either battleship( the board game or variations of it) or rts games set in WWII in the pacific Americans vs. Japanese (Battlestations, Pacific Fleet)

    I think you can go original with the Atlantic!
    It could feature the British and the Germans or the U.S. and germans, or all 3
    I loved WWII games and history so Its a big thing for me(incase you haven't noticed)

    Ships would be
    Destroyer (HMS Cossack)
    Light Cruiser
    Heavy Cruiser (HMS Prince Eugen, HMS Hood)
    Escort Carrier
    Aircraft Carrier (HMS Victorious)
    Battleship!!!! (Bismark)

    I go some stuff off wiki
    here's a link for one battle

    German battleship Bismarck
    German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen
    The German destroyers Hans Lody (Z-10), Friedrich Eckoldt (Z-16), and Z23.
    The German submarines U-46, U-48, U-66, U-73, U-74, U-93, U-94, U-98, U-108, U-138, U-552, U-556, and U-557.
    Italian submarine Barbarigo.
    The German weather ships Sachsenwald, Lauenburg, and Freese.
    The German tankers Belchen, Egerland, Esso Hamburg, Friedrich Breme, Heide, Lothringen, Weisenburg, and Wollin.
    Boats of the German 5th Minesweeping Flotilla.
    The British battleships HMS King George V, Prince of Wales, Ramillies, and Rodney.
    The British battlecruisers HMS Hood, Repulse and Renown
    The British aircraft carriers HMS Victorious (800Z and 825 Naval Air Squadrons) and Ark Royal (810, 818, and 820 Naval Air Squadrons)
    The British heavy cruisers HMS Suffolk, Norfolk, Dorsetshire.
    The British light cruisers Galatea, Aurora, Neptune, Hermione, Arethusa, Birmingham, and Sheffield.
    The British destroyers HMS Achates, Antelope, Jupiter, Electra, Icarus, Punjabi, Mashona, Cossack, Sikh, Zulu, Maori, Tartar, Sherwood, and Hesperus.
    The British submarines H44, Sealion, Seawolf.
    The Canadian destroyers HMCS Assiniboine, Saguenay, and Columbia
    The Polish destroyer ORP Piorun

    1. I hope you like!
      i messed up it is not HMS Prince Eugen