May 12, 2014

Sorry for the wait

I want to apolidgize to you guys for the big wait, and not having a post in 5 days.

I have just been really tired of all the programming on my game, I decided to take a break. But things are back on track now and I am ready to continue development.

However the Community is an 'Unforgiving' place meaning if I was to release my game on the Steam Greenlight I would probably get 1000 dislikes, and called a copier. So we are back to the drawing board for game ideas.

Let's try to think of something original, if you have ever had an idea where you were like "Wow I would love if this game existed" or you had just some dream that you thought could be a game. That's all fine too.

So to ReCap:
-This 'Radiated' game has shown me more techniques
-It has to be cancelled because of Community
-Let's come up with a new game idea

So I thank everyone in advance who posts their game idea(s)   :).

Feel free to leave an idea, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay Awesome :)

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"What IDE do you use?" - Georgey
-To edit my code I use Unity's default MonoDevelop and Notepad++ (With Plugins)


  1. what about a ship combat simulator like WWII
    Pacific Americans vs. Japanese
    Atlantic Americans British vs. Germans

    Space ship simulator

    i think you should try simulator games they can be fun and simple to make!

    It could be and original mabey not farming or train simulators since they are already there.

  2. i also haven't seen any thing like this on steam or steam greenlight

  3. IDEs are used to write code in.

  4. Anonymous5/12/2014

    I want a game with guns and perks and grenades where you go around and kill other players to get killstreaks. Use killstreaks to kill more people like a bomber or sentry gun. I played a game called quake which was sort of like this, but I am 100% there is no game like what I am describing.

    1. Are you being stupid or sarcastic?

    2. Anonymous5/12/2014

      Take a guess :P

    3. try call of duty
      if that is what you like

  5. Fucking NBC. Canceling Community and shit.