May 16, 2014


I regret to inform each and every one of you, that Bondo Game's is being Shutdown.

Issues in the real world, are preventing me from having access to make games for the next several weeks.

So, this will be the last Bondo Games Development post for some time. I had really hoped to get this new horror game going, as it was something possible, and one of the first ideas I was proud to go for.

I apologize for not having completed a game on here, I apologize for getting your hopes up. And I apologize for failing to create a successful Community, and Game. I will be signing off.

I am sorry to have to do this, I may be able to answer questions by updating the FeedBack section, but that is about it.

Problems that no longer allow me to work on Games:
1) Most of you do not know this, but I am very poor. My electricity is being shut-off due to failure to make payment. So when I update FeedBack and such, it will be done from school.

2) I have Depression (Incase you guys didn't notice) which is why I cancelled projects now and then. However it has gotten worse and my computer has been taken away as a blame.

Again, I am apoligize but there is nothing I can do. So, I am signing off, and Goodbye.

[FeedBack] (I will update whenever I am at school)

"Is there any way to help?" - Friend in real life
-Yeah, I have a PayPal but no one ever donates for nothing in return...


  1. Omg I'm literally bawling my eyes out. I wish I could help but I can't. I'm listening to a sad song so that makes it worse. I am so sorry for this happening to you.

  2. Anonymous5/16/2014

    1. you lied about your poverty before alot of times
    2. probably depressed from canceling projects so actually finish something for once

    1. Anon seriusly, get some friends, you are one of the creatures that don't deserve to live. Seriously shut. the. fuck. up

    2. Anonymous5/23/2014

      Dude what the fuck is your pro? (to anon)

      He said his electricity is being shut-off,. and when did he lie in the past?

      Honestly I feel bad for him, you on the other hand need to piss off, it doesn't look like hes coming back in case you haven't noticed!

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  4. :( I was hoping you could go through with the new one. I'm sorry about what happened to you i hope that you get better and keep up with you game making skills!
    See you in your next post when ever it will be!

  5. Anonymous5/23/2014


    1. Anonymous5/27/2014

      When did he hate on Unturned?

      Infact, I remember him encouraging all his blog followers to vote for Unturned in the Greenlight.

      He decided to make a post about Unturned, and tell ppl to vote for it..

      He even talked about how the game didn't need realistic graphics to be good. He personally congratulated Nelson in one of his posts

      Is that why you make fun of his posts? Because you think he hates Unturned? Well look at that post again sir.