May 5, 2014

"Radiated" Early Open Beta Access (One)

Just wanted to apolidgize for yesterday, I was feeling depressed but I am better today, I want to take the time to tell you guys, you will see that every now and then, and I know its annoying and it can make you guys mad but I promise to won't happen often.

Now since most of you already downloaded the game, I am making this into a Early Open Beta. Where you can test out bugs and such until the next major patch.

However, the version I provide and what you guys download doesn't currently have AI's implemented. or the inventory system so there is not much to do, but drive around and get to know the map.

Patch 16:
Windows: Beta Over
Mac: Beta Over

(Not linked now but will be later)
Things that will be changed for the beta:
-All Easter Eggs will be removed
-The beta inventory will be removed
-Item spawns will not spawn anything
-Cars will not need repairing or petrol to drive

Issues in Patch 15:
-When driving a car, sky turns black
-You cannot move or look left / right

Fixed in Patch 16:
-You can move and look left / right


  1. omg its finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous5/05/2014

    game suks download crysis engine 3 then it will not look like 4000 year old crap

  3. Anonymous5/06/2014

    I played your game and loved flying into the sky in my car! :D

    The code could use a little bit more commenting, as when I decompiled it there didn't seem to be any documentation.