May 4, 2014

RAD_15 "Wait what?"

Well here it is, the post that everyone has been waiting for. 'Radiated' Patch 15 ! Please enjoy :)

This brand new Neighborhood is based off of my own

As you can see Ads are always in good 'Flavor' xD

The brand new Airport has a very tall tower, it can be seen from
the top floor of the Yumoi City Apartment Building #8675310
SO anyways regarding the comment on how crappy my shadows are and how everyone has shadows. Sure sun gives off shadows, but my game generates shadows differently, take a look:

Here is average game lighting:

Here is my advanced lighting:

It is a short demonstration, but pay attention to the left side once, then replay and pay attention to the right side.

(You will see it is not very good quality and there are a few bugs) These are all caused by the recorder, none of this is a problem when actually playing the game.

So I really want to apolidgize for the wait, things have been chaotic but I hope this makes up for it.

What's new?
-Vehicles now track position on Multiplayer
-Vehicles lights turn on instead of dissapearing
-When you get out of a vehicle you actually are at the same spot as the vehicle
-100% of all buildings are not inside the ground
-New Spawning system's arrays fixed with less lines of code
-80% of all Bugs that came from going Online fixed
-All known SinglePlayer bugs fixed
-Main Menu re-organized & Re-Designed
-New headbob Animation
-Brand new Graphics setting 'Recommended Settings'.
-Extended Day/Night
-And a lot of new Models / Buildings

And finally... Added an Airport!

So there was a big wait yes, but be glad as it was always a big Update, sorry that I didn't show all of it, and there is still more you guys don't know about but things have been kind of busy in my own Personal Life, and I try my hardest to get patches out when I can :)

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the Next Post! Stay Awesome :)


"The roads on the map are too pixely" - Anonymous
-I am working on creating better texturing techniques currently, Infact with new developments it may no longer be textured roads at all, but actual models.

"Make grass less bright" - Georgey

"Blah bvlah your game sucks" - Anonymous
-Do you have anything better to do than talk about every flaw in my game? I'm just gonna go ahead and ignore you...


  1. Anonymous5/04/2014

    the shadows dont even look realistic because shadows dont show where light is so why is the sun not removing the shadows it just looks stupid and laggy. game looks like it runs at -0.5 fps

    1. Anonymous5/04/2014

      Rlly? yu just sit around waiting for a nw post to come out so you can make fun of it? Take look at the video, that may clarify things. Dumbass