May 31, 2014

Let's get Started!

Alright guys, we are ready to get started on a 'New Project' (Popular Vote) so let's do this.
I want to hear what you guys think about some ideas I have, and I would love to hear some ideas you have.
These ideas are very generic, they are not full depth quite yet):

So thanks for voting, and the next post will be the Patch of whatever game gets picked!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Blake have you ever heard of Battleship Craft?
    I was looking it up and really wanted to get it then I found out that the maker shut it down and removed it from the app store. I think you could try that if you made a "good or decent" remake of that game you would gain a much larger fan base than what you could maybe even triple or quadruple your fan base. I think that could get you to Green light your game probably more than one of them too!!
    I hope you would look into this idea if you are interested.

    Battleship Craft was an app on the Apple App. Store where you could by ships, build from scratch or modify ships that you wanted to change. It had a campaign and multiplayer. The maker/owner of the game pulled it from the market about 10 months ago and a lot of people have been really upset if you look up their wiki they actually say that they wanted the get it back up.

    I don't believe that the owner/maker of Battleship Craft is coming back, so you can come in with another version that is similer to Battleship Craft and get every one to follow you starting you on your career the same way Nelson did with Deadzone.

    Nelson became famous for Deadzone because it's counterpart, Apocolypse Rising was down for a week, every one found Deadzone and started following Nelson. That took a week, Battleship Craft has been gone for 10 months. I believe you, Blake Gillman have a chance to hit it big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!