May 7, 2014

Beta Review & Steam GreenLight

So I think the beta was very nice (Most of it took place over skype) but either way it turned out great, I got a lot of new cars added (Not released yet) As well as worked on some more of the villages and the third island.

*NEW* SouthSide Ham!

"SouthSide Ham is fresh, juicy, and has that all natural ham taste!"

Also I want to Congratulate Nelson Sexton on making it to the Steam Greenlight (Which I think is a great honor) and I encourage everyone to vote for his game 'Unturned': HERE.

It just goes to show a game doesn't need to be high-quality top of the line graphics, for it to be a good game to play! (This is also shown from games like Subrosa) - A very unfamous game.

I really appreciate the FeedBack you guys gave from the Beta and it showed me how to respond to situations better and how to work on fixing bugs better. I plan to start getting updates out much faster, and complete the inventory system!

Also it occured to me that not many of you are aware of the Bondo Games website, so here you go again:
There you can find the Radiated page, as well as some Bondo Games Info
and some of the 2D games I have been working on!

Also if anyone has a good game Idea feel free to send it to me, I am looking to do some side projects well I wait for some more bugs to come in (I have some Private Alpha Testers)
-Car gravity increased-

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay Awesome :)

(Press 'Read More' for FeedBack)


"I played your game and loved flying my car into the sky! xD" - Anonymous
-Thank you, thank you, I am not sure why but I have a gravity system in place, and I never changed it for the beta, I was going to but for some reason I didn't. Maybe just because I enjoy flying cars too much too! :) .

"The code could use a little bit more commenting, as when I decompiled it there didn't seem to be any documentation". - Anonymous
-Depends on which part of code your looking at, most of my scripts are commented out fully but some of the more complicated ones that require constant updating, I don't have time to make comments on. (Also you gotta teach me how to decompile code, it would help increase my games security :D )

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