Apr 28, 2014

To the Anonymous

Things have been a little chaotic recently with the posts and I just wanted to clear things up.

1) If you don't like the way I develop my games, please stop commenting and go away.

2) Yelling at me saying I am copying MineCraft even though I was just using some minecraft skins as a test model for the pre-alpha testing, was honestly a little hilarious how stupid that was.

3) Telling me I do not make enough updates doesn't help, I have a lot going on School, Home, those two things take priority.

4) My updates cannot always include a lot of content as I am not always able to just get on the computer and work for a while, sometimes I can only work for short moments here and there.

5) Meg, Who let you back in the house?

6) If you want to complain about my game, instead of saying whats wrong with it and pointing out all the problems, how about you also point out some solutions and suggestions?

7) And finally, if you take a look the Development of 'Unturned' is now turning only about a month old. For 1 month of development, I say things are going great to be honest. Look at unturned, sure its got a lot of content and I get complaints that 'oh you need more content like unturned' but how long has unturned been in dev, hmm? Don't yell at me there isn't enough content when there hasn't been time to develop more content.

"this game es mineturned ripoff dislicked" - Tayvon Lee
-I am pretty sure that was a joke making fun of the anonymous guy who was telling me I was copying MineCraft.

"why are you copyed minecraft? that game isn't even unity. -_-" - Anonymous
-This comment made me laugh so hard I nearly peed myself. If you honestly think making a beta test playermodel be the model of MineCraft is copying MineCraft It's... There is no better metaphor for stupidity than this.

Anyways I will try to get some more updates to you guys as well as getting more work done.
Oh and to let you guys know, my patches don't include everything I do, for example, there's a cave you guys don't know about..... A graveyard.... A giant Grocery Store... etc.

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  1. they are just people with no life
    so you are going to do a game that is like a mining tycoon that would be cool i love games like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!