Apr 8, 2014

Rad_9 "A brand new world"

So now that spring break is over I will not be able to get as much to you guys, so sorry ;( The week of spring break however made me get a lot done on the game, however I regret not getting more done, I feel as if I achieved little over the course of spring break,

[If you do not want to see what I added during spring break and skip to the actual stuff, just scroll down until you see the bunch of -------------------- 's ]

Features done during Spring Break:
-Deleted Old Development UI
-Redesigned Chat System
-Created new Global Damage Script
-Added Chat messages for player status, no longer can you see how much blood you have, you will have to guess based on how blurry your screen gets, and you can always tell if your bleeding if you look down and watch the blood drip off your character.

Status Messages:
-My arm really hurts (Arm really damaged0
-I think I broke my arm (Arm Broken)
-My leg really hurts (Leg really damaged)
-I think I broke my leg (Broken Leg)
I can feel warm blood dripping down my body (Player is bleeding)
My clothes are soaked in Blood (Been bleeding for awhile)
I'm really tired (Stamina is below 50%) -Stamina drains slowly BTW
I can't run for much longer (Stamina is below 20%)

If your total stamina gets below 15%, your character will get exhausted and go unconscious.


(1)Breaking your Arm:
-Decreased Accuracy
-Increased Recoil
-You take more damage at your arm
Triggered by:
-Over 400 damage taken to the arm at once
Fixed by:
-Not sure how to approach fixing a broken arm

(2) Break your leg
-Cannot jump
-Cannot run
-Walk Speed decreased
Triggered by:
-Hitting the ground at over 10 Velocity
Fixed by: (Fixing a broken leg, does not completely restore your character as it will take time for the leg to fully restore)
-Morphine (Planned)
-Splint (Planned)

(3) Bleeding
-Blood loss
-Screen will get fuzzy from too much blood loss
Triggered by:
-Over 150 Damage taken anywhere on the body at once
-A sharp weapon hits you at all
Fixed by:
-Bandaging yourself (Planned)

(4) Death
-Your body will drop to the floor, and your screen will say "You are dead".
Triggered by:
-Blood hitting 0 or below.

(5) Unconscious
-You will not be able to see what is going on, but you can hear
-Your screen will read "You are Unconscious".
-You will be on the ground and unable to move
Triggered by:
-Bleeding very badly (Blood loss is 2.2 per frame or higher)
-Blood is below a certain percentage
-A blunt weapon is used on your characters head, and you have no head protection (Planned not added)

You can bleed different amounts, depending on the attack given on you. You can also bleed multiple times, say shot one place, shot in another, and stabbed, well your now bleeding in 3 separate places.

Models added:
-Apartment Building A
-The Funnel Tower
-Coffee Mug
-Coffee Stain
-Destroyed Wire
-Hanging Wire
-Chair A
-Wooden Chair A
-Wooden Table A
-Wooden Cupboard A
-Window A
-Window B
-Destroyed truck A
-Vending Machine A (Soda)
-Soda (Dew from a Mountain)
-Soda (Pepsee)
-Graffiti Art Design Textures
-Wooden Sign A
-A ton more, but I do not want to give away any, and I am probably forgetting some that you already know

Textures Added:
- 14 Terrain Textures
-11 Icons
-30 other (Misc, like territory graffiti and etc)

AI's Added:

Main Game play Mechanics Added:
-Basic AI Interaction
-Pulling lighter in & out


So looking at the list you can see a lot got done, but somehow I feel as if it still wasn't enough. I don't know, maybe I am weird that way? Anyways, I love how you guys have been sticken' by me through this whole process and I plan to actually postpone posting Patch 10, because I am redesigning the map, let me show you why:

That is the current map, as you can see the city takes up nearly 1/4 the entire island, then there's the village, and farm, and research facility (Research facility not modeled yet or the farms). Anyways based off of the sketch I made on where things are going, I need a much bigger island, I like the design I currently have, but I am just going to redesign it a little as well as make it bigger.

So on patch 10, I plan to have the city fully finished and ready to show, as well as a new island to show off. I will still call it "Kumoi Island" however since i like that name :) .

Also to conner, you got really close to what I added but you weren't correct, however you were close enough since I don't have many Easter eggs, and I plan to have hundreds.

What I added in the last update was:
-Your character will say when he is bleeding (Wrong, conner said he talks when gets hurt, which is sorta right but not the same)
-A working AI System Interaction between the Spider & Player (Correct)
-A brand new building (There was no way of you guys knowing what type of building) it was an apartment.
-Added some tire props & funnel tower.

I know this is a lot of info to take in, I don't expect it all to be read at once, probably in bits in pieces well your checking the latest update from your phone. However, it's all the info you guys should know :) .

Again, patch 10 delayed for Map remake and new city.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

Also if anyone knows how to make a subsection like Greg does with his [FeedBack] Section, that would be greatly appreciated info! :D


  1. looks really good so far when do you think that you can have a bet out for this? i would really like to try it. the statuses with blood and stuff with that be all on the chat or will there be bars that tell you how which one is.
    hoow bigis the spider it looks huge in that screen shot.

  2. How how long have you been developing games? I really want to know.

    1. read his other posts
      i think it is in march when he made the post about that ok!

  3. hey i have a question blake
    will there be military type locations in this map or maybe a small naval island to the south east of the island or something so there are more islands and that way there can be a littl epvp area for the people who love that