Apr 4, 2014

Rad_5 "Icons \ Props"

So sorry for not getting a post to you guys yesterday, I got too caught up in Playing DayZ :3, however it's not all bad, I made a DayZ Screenshot:

That's my bro, I had him stage the shot, well I layed on the ground (Had an M4, you can see its barrel at the bottom right).

Anyways, back to my game. So I worked a lot on Icons for the game since I will be putting an inventory system into the game soon, and I think the icons turned out REALLY well:

Sorry for the lines and stuff, but last time I posted Icons for my game on a blog, I found them being used on other games, just better to be safe :).

Next thing I did was add some more props to the world:

As soon as I get the Hunger / Thirst stats going, you will then be able to drink out of the well, however this will add to your RADS, since most water is dirty now-adays. (I thought up that this is a nuclear apocalypse) and a lot of the water has some Radiation in it, your rads can also increase by going near Radiated sights and factories. Different water areas will increase your rads by different amounts, some might even be clean. In the future you will be able to clean any water you find with tools.


"What are you holding?" - Robofighter1000
-Currently the player is holding a Zipo Lighter, it does not actually having a 'fire' coming out of it, but I plan to get to that soon!


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