Apr 2, 2014

Rad_4 "The Big One"

I got a mess load done today, worked for hours straight, back kinda hurts now but It was definitely worth it, I was on a role!

The first thing I did was since I used an Anonymous persons game idea from the comments, I finally got around to making the Easter Egg they requested.

See if you can guess what it is lol.

Anyways, the next thing I did was create "Territories", the land is now claimed up by different Survivor factions and Religions. There currently are only 2 Factions.

You can find their emblems / markings on Signs they planted, as grafiti, and sometimes they will leave an "official" mark on those they kill.

Then I got around to recreating the Chat, which now has an Admin / Default user system. Admins are "GM" or GameMaster. If not a GM you are a D, Default User. If you are a default user, your chat is white. If you are an GM, your chat is yellow. Messages that tell you that players have connected or are connecting are displayed in green.

And finally I got around to adding some AI's to the game, not enemies like I hoped but just general animals. Right now there is a Bird that will fly away once you get near it, well he will flap his wings, but he doesn't quite know how to fly yet :3

That was a mess load for today so that is why the title is "The Big One", (This is also because whenever I did a really big update on Alone World, I called it "The Big one". I also made some new Main Menu animations and some easter eggs there, which you guys will discover when playing the Open Beta.

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you guys in the next post! Stay Awesome :)


"I am interested in what type of enemies you plan to add" - Robofighter1000
Oh don't worry, I plan to have some enemies made by the next patch, though I won't show them. I want you guys to discover the enemies as you play the game, let the come as a surprise when the Open Beta Access comes around.


  1. awsome a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i guess that mgith be soon for the open beta and the ai look awsome too keep up the great work

  2. hey 1 question what are you holding? is that a candle? or a torch(flash light)? i can't figure it out.