Apr 1, 2014

Rad_3 "Interface \ Mechanics"

I just got word from my team of elite trained monkeys, that a nuclear bomb has been set off at the middle of the earth. we will all be dead within months. In order to prepare for this, I have cancelled the production of all my games. And there will no longer be such thing as Bondo Games, it is now called BAGEL,

If my team of elite monkeys come to pick you up and bring you to a safe shelter, please give them this information:



Thank you, and I hope your safe!


So today as you can see from the title, I worked a lot on the Interface of the game, created a Main Menu, added a HUD for the player, and made so he has a new light source:

As you can see I also added some Grafiti to the game which will help add to that sense of realism.

There is also now instead of a flashlight, everyone has a lighter which can be pulled out and put away. This will provide some light for the player, and it will soon have a fuel system where it can run out of juice eventually. In the future you will be able to light things on fire with it.

You also now break your leg, and take damage from different things, when you break your leg a notification will pop up telling you so, then it will dissapear. In case you somehow forget your leg is broken, until it is fixed there will be a permanent message shown below telling you that your leg is broken.

Also I decided to work on the terrain a little bit, so I added some mountains in the back which will later serve as a game border, and worked on a Day / Night Cycle:

Looking during night
Looking during day
 So now that we have movement, damage, and the general UI created, tomorow I plan to start adding some enemies to the game, as well as some weapons the player can use. As well as working on Multiplayer, as currently it isn't working and you can only play Singleplayer.

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you guys in the next post! Stay Awesome :)


  1. it looks good keep up the good work i am interested in seeing some of the enemies that you want to add.

  2. Anonymous4/01/2014

    My elite monkey is still not here to pick me up :(