Apr 10, 2014

Pre 10 Info

Just wanted to get some info to you guys before the Patch 10 comes out!

Quickly I want to say, that the Inventory system is currently being worked on. I am making it VERY advanced with many different crafting features included in it. There is no crafting menu, crafting is done by right clicking say, a cloth pants, and clicking "Tear into rags" which forms rags that you can use to bandage yourself.

The new inventory will be very advanced, and I hope to make it Network-Safe too!

The whole map has been redesigned, and you will see that in the Patch 10.

I will be updating this post with any questions you ask in the comments of it!


"Will there be &%(!)%@*%)" - Robofighter1000
-I plan to have different islands to go on, ship wrecks, and things like that. Also in my game there currently is no PvE option, only PvP.

"How long have you been making games?" - Conner Roberts
-Well I made my first ROBLOX game when I was 6. I made my first 2D game using RPG Maker when I was 8. And I made my first real 2D game when I was 10. But I didn't start scripting 3D games or making them until I was 13. 

ROBLOX Games - 6-8
RPG 2D Games 8-10
Real 2D Games 10-12
Professional 3D Games - 13-13 (I will be 14 in June)

Honestly I think I have been making Professional 3D Games for.... 5 Months?

[Answered Comments]
"When will the beta be up?" - Anonymous
-I plan to release the beta sometime after patch 10, and before patch 11.

"Will there be boats so we don't have to swim to other islands?" - Robofighter1000
-Of course, but don't expect boats to be common, they will be rare, and probably most of them will end up broken, I plan to have most of the vehicles in my game derivable  but you'll need to repair them and find parts.

"Will there be wetness where we are wayed down for a few minutes after we get out of the water from swimming?" - Robofigher1000
-A lot of spelling errors there, anyways each clothes is made out of a material (Which also defines if you can rip it up into rags or not) Depending on the material I will make so it slows you down when exiting water, as well as make for how long it takes to dry off (Dry off times I do not intend to be very long). This also reminds me to tell you guys, depending on how much weight your carrying will depend how fast you go, and how much stamina you have, as well as how long you can swim for, because swimming takes up stamina.

"Will there be a very rare aircraft?" - Anonymous
-There will be a very rare everything, a very rare gun, helicopter, plane, shirt, etc. As for very rare aircraft, I guess that covers the field of jet, plane, and helicopter. Which I guess the very rare aircraft I would do, would be a jet at some Really hard to get into secret military airfield. And it only will have a 5% chance to spawn in.

HOWEVER currently there are no vehicles, I do plan to have derivable ones created before the beta. But chances are no 'air' vehicles will be created by then. At least not ones that you can fly.

"How about a oil tanker in the water that you can go up to?" - Anonymous
-Oil tanker huh? This sounds as if I will need to do some expanding to the world, maybe at a later time.

"Will there be submarines? or a spaceship lol jk" - Anonymous
-Currently I do not plan to be adding submarines, maybe wrecked ones, but no derivable.
And there already is a spaceship (The UFO Easter Egg) xD

"Will the environment be destructible?" - Anonymous
-Yes, I plan to have an 100% interactive | Destructible environment.

"How about a wooden row boat that is damaged but it faster than swimming?" - Anonymous
-I plan to have different vehicles and different states they can be in. A wooden row boat, sure.


Due to a Unity Glitch, I have to start over on a lot of the currently made assets. This will push development back a lot, a lot of buildings, vehicles and things like that I can no longer use because of this glitch. So I will need to redo them, sorry for the delay I plan to get things fixed ASAP!


  1. Anonymous4/10/2014

    when will game be in beta so we can test it

  2. 1. he said when there would be a beat
    2. sounds good so far can't wait
    3. will there be boats so that we can go to the other islands with out swimming?
    4. will there be wet ness where we are wayed down for a few minutes after we get out of the water from swimming?

  3. Anonymous4/11/2014

    will there be very rare aircraft?

    1. Anonymous4/12/2014

      How about a Submarine?

    2. Anonymous4/12/2014

      Or a spaceship jk

  4. Anonymous4/11/2014

    How about a tanker out in the water that u can go to

    1. Anonymous4/12/2014

      Sorry i meant a Oil tanker boat.

  5. Anonymous4/12/2014

    will the environment will be destructible?

  6. Anonymous4/12/2014

    how about an uncommon wooden row boat that is slow and easily broken but is faster than swimming

  7. Anonymous4/21/2014

    This looks like a game i would play!!! Blake, you my friend, are doing amazing so far, especially as a 13 year old! Gratz on how amazing your game is looking so far, and i will most surely will play the beta testing!