Apr 22, 2014

[1 Week Challenge] Let the Challenge Begin!

Tomorrow will begin the starting gun for the One Week challenge, your poll results were:

The game should be in  First Person  and be in a  3D  world, it should take place  Underground  and should revolve around a  Tycoon / Survival  game.

Well my idea for that is to implement the Tycoon and Survival since it was an exact 50-50% vote.

     The player has to survive in an Underground facility created by Special Services, well surviving the waves of enemies attacking the player must use their earned cash to build improvements to the facility in different ways, some such as turrets will allow the player to make more money.

     I think this will be a great project to attempt, it will also allow me to practice on my different areas of scripting, and get some more experience in different areas of scripting.I plan to put the game up as soon as 1 week is over, no matter its condition.

I will get started tomorrow on the first aspects of the game, and let the Challenge Begin!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you guys in the next post, Stay Awesome !


"You pushed the beta, so when can we expect to play your game?" - Anonymous (Skype)
-I am not sure, but hopefully in the next two weeks. You have to consider that all the new scripts I am just learning how to do (Like vehicles and such) take time to create.

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