Apr 29, 2014


(This post was made yesterday) - Waited to post today, big patch planned for tomorrow (No guarentees)

Today is the greatest day EVER! Why? Because today is the day I past my old blogs Pageviews with nearly half the posts. And this one actually has followers (lol) Anyways, Here ya go:

I just wanna take the time to thank you guys for all the support, and feedback throughout this whole process, it really means a lot and it has helped me entirely. Reading feedback, comments, it's what makes me able to keep going. So thank you guys, It really means a lot! :)

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay Awesome ! :)

Rad_14 "Spawning & Map"

Really exited since I almost have the inventory system done (Spending a lot of time on it) so I decided to get started on some new spawning systems, so I got started on making a spawn system for picking objects randomly and putting them in the game. The result was great!

It works perfect and also allows for me to add any items I want whenever I want, and with a single script I can pick between different Arrays to manage Military Spawning, Resident, Police, etc.

It even shoots a ray up in the air so I know where the spawn is:
Grey sky is because this picture is taken from the 'Scene View'

Also I made up a rough draft version of the current map:
That is all for today, Oh before I forget Robofighter1000 wanted to know what that blue thing next to the graveyard was, its just some Portapodys:
Grey sky is because this picture is taken from the 'Scene View'

Anyways that's all for today, cya tommorow :) .

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post ! Stay Awesome :)

Apr 28, 2014

Rad_13 "Advanced Lighting & Models"

So today was a very good day, I messed around with some Feature, fixed a LOT of bugs (Now the game has just about none) and added some brand new models,

but first I want to show you guys a brand new Lighting system I have in place.

Here is a light being shined into a graveyard with the old Lighting:

Now here is that same light being held up at that graveyard with my New Advanced Lighting:

As you can see the new Advanced lighting allows for Shadows to be created from all Light Sources, making the game look a lot more Dynamic!

Also as you can see from the image above, I have been adding content you guys aren't aware of, that Graveyard is an example.

So that is all for today, some new show-off models (The graveyard) as well as the new advanced lighting, I plan to add a little more before I quit Development today but I am really exited for this new lighting feature that I couldn't help myself.

To the Anonymous

Things have been a little chaotic recently with the posts and I just wanted to clear things up.

1) If you don't like the way I develop my games, please stop commenting and go away.

2) Yelling at me saying I am copying MineCraft even though I was just using some minecraft skins as a test model for the pre-alpha testing, was honestly a little hilarious how stupid that was.

3) Telling me I do not make enough updates doesn't help, I have a lot going on School, Home, those two things take priority.

4) My updates cannot always include a lot of content as I am not always able to just get on the computer and work for a while, sometimes I can only work for short moments here and there.

5) Meg, Who let you back in the house?

6) If you want to complain about my game, instead of saying whats wrong with it and pointing out all the problems, how about you also point out some solutions and suggestions?

7) And finally, if you take a look the Development of 'Unturned' is now turning only about a month old. For 1 month of development, I say things are going great to be honest. Look at unturned, sure its got a lot of content and I get complaints that 'oh you need more content like unturned' but how long has unturned been in dev, hmm? Don't yell at me there isn't enough content when there hasn't been time to develop more content.

"this game es mineturned ripoff dislicked" - Tayvon Lee
-I am pretty sure that was a joke making fun of the anonymous guy who was telling me I was copying MineCraft.

"why are you copyed minecraft? that game isn't even unity. -_-" - Anonymous
-This comment made me laugh so hard I nearly peed myself. If you honestly think making a beta test playermodel be the model of MineCraft is copying MineCraft It's... There is no better metaphor for stupidity than this.

Anyways I will try to get some more updates to you guys as well as getting more work done.
Oh and to let you guys know, my patches don't include everything I do, for example, there's a cave you guys don't know about..... A graveyard.... A giant Grocery Store... etc.

Apr 27, 2014

Rad_12 "Fixes and Texturing"


          So today I got some new content added, fixed up some scripts and did general bug fixing. Sorry that there is no screenshot today but I don't want to give away everything, and sorry for the lack of updates I didn't have access to my computer this weekend...

Oh and Brand New Contest!

I am working on the playermodels for the Player, Enemies, and general NPC's and I am looking for help! I am using the default Minecraft Skin as its great for creating global Textures. Submit your textures that you have made in the comments, and the top skins will get put in the game!

Needed Skins:
-Player (Can be anything you imagine)
-A.L.O.S Faction Soldier
-R.R.L Faction Soldier
-General people (humans)
-And anything else you can think of!

Download the Reference skin below, and I also put a sheet that
will show what part of the sheet is what.
Hope to see some new skins get created and for some progress to be made! :)

To Download:
Right Click the image below > Same Image As > Then save the image wherever you want!
Blurry because its a small image.
One below is for reference ONLY!

This image is to show what part of the skin sheet is what.


How to Upload the Images to Imgur and then send to me:
(Click this to go to Imgur)
When going on Imgur press the large 'computer' button at the top right

Find your image, click it and then press 'Open'.

You should then get this screen, press 'Start Upload'

Then you should be brought to your images imgur page, copy the address bar link
and paste it in a comment made in the blog.


"Blah blah, 1 day to turn on a single feature" - Anonymous
-I didn't spend the whole day working on one thing, I have more things to do and first of all until you make a game, do not judge others, it's not a quick flip of the switch to turn this feature on. It took me time, as every thing in your game you have to individually adjust according to this feature.

"So if you have been following the dev bog you get the game free?" -ezey11
-Actually I changed my mind, the game will be free, but will have optional DLC's you can buy.

Apr 23, 2014

Rad_11 "Occlusion Culling & Website"

I know I was suppose to work on the 1 Week Challenge but I had a great idea and I couldn't help myself.

I added a new thing to the game called "Occlusion Culling" this will make so the world will only generate things that the player can see, originally it rendered buildings, inside of buildings, and guns from across the map when the player wasn't even near there.

Now it will only render what the player sees, this will reduce any and all lag immensely. (Not that I had any before) but for those with real bad computers should now still be able to play.

Occlusion Culling On

Occlusion Culling Off
See the difference? One generates everything (When it is off) and the other is very limited by what the player can see. And will change according to new perspective and etc.

This is a great new system and will allow for better model importing and more content without having to worry about lagging up the game, this new system also means if you walk in to a building, it won't be generating outside that building.

Oh and Check out the Brand New 'Early Version' of the Bondo Games Website:

It is in very early development, I am programming it all myself, let me know what you think, where things need improvement and I'll see to it.

Also 'Radiated' here is planned to be $5 on the Steam Store, free for all blog followers and you all get early beta tests before its on steam :) .

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay Awesome :)

Apr 22, 2014

[1WC] Day 1

I started off by creating the general movement scripts for the player, as well as getting my new mouselook script in, I kind of redesigned it from the old one.

The next thing I did was start out adding some lighting, and created the first part of the map:

I also worked a little on the planned UI and some other scripts, I am not sure how to approach the interface of the game quiet yet.

Tomorrow I will get on adding some props to the world, and some other details!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post, Stay Awesome!

[1 Week Challenge] Let the Challenge Begin!

Tomorrow will begin the starting gun for the One Week challenge, your poll results were:

The game should be in  First Person  and be in a  3D  world, it should take place  Underground  and should revolve around a  Tycoon / Survival  game.

Well my idea for that is to implement the Tycoon and Survival since it was an exact 50-50% vote.

     The player has to survive in an Underground facility created by Special Services, well surviving the waves of enemies attacking the player must use their earned cash to build improvements to the facility in different ways, some such as turrets will allow the player to make more money.

     I think this will be a great project to attempt, it will also allow me to practice on my different areas of scripting, and get some more experience in different areas of scripting.I plan to put the game up as soon as 1 week is over, no matter its condition.

I will get started tomorrow on the first aspects of the game, and let the Challenge Begin!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you guys in the next post, Stay Awesome !


"You pushed the beta, so when can we expect to play your game?" - Anonymous (Skype)
-I am not sure, but hopefully in the next two weeks. You have to consider that all the new scripts I am just learning how to do (Like vehicles and such) take time to create.

Apr 19, 2014

Rad_10 [Happy Easter]

------------------------THIS WAS MADE AFTER THE INITIAL POST:------------------------
"Two long posts of bullcrap calling my game crapy, how i dont take time and my models suck and how much i fake all my stuff" - Anonymous

I just want to give some quick feedback to the most recent anonymous comment, I will reply with a script from a popular show.

If you don't like my games, stop watching the development.

So please be quiet, I take time on all my models to make them look good and I plan them all out in advance on paper. Please before you judge, attempt doing what I do first. Second of all I hope your all exited because next post coming I should be giving off a real gameplay trailer instead of this, I just wanted to get this out to you guys so you can see good work is being done.

I am sorry for the delay every one, I have had some big issues with the new unity bug, it made me lose 19 different models (7 of which were buildings) so I had to start from nearly-new there. However I think I did a great job piecing together some models, and creating some atmosphere, and I decided that it was time you guys got an update, so here's some In-Game footage for you guys!

Sorry for the lack of footage, I just am very careful about giving away info. I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope this is enough for you guys :). I plan to get some more updates out and in bigger quanities.

Key features shown in this video:
-ReCreated Custom Audio Tracks
-A large variety of new models
-A the brand new ability to drive cars!
-Lots more things added that were not shown! (Expect some patches on them)

Hope you all enjoyed this video and I hope to see you in the next post!

Oh and to the large conversation going on in the last post about me being lazy, all I have to say is a quote from a great man. "Shut up Meg."
       -Peter Griffin (1999 - Forever)

And finally, to all of you who are exited for the Beta, I am going to have to push it back for now, so you can expect more patches as I have found a lot of bugs, and a few 'Game-Breaking' ones. I hope to get them fixed as soon as possible!

And happy easter everyone!

Oh and dealing with Nelsons Idea I too shall participate in a 1 week gaming challenge.
Make a game in one week. Vote here:

I know its a lot of polls but it will help narrow down what type of game you guys want me to do for the 1 week challenge! Thanks for voting :) .

Feel free to leave a comment, Stay Awesome :).

Apr 13, 2014

PrePatch Screenshots!

UPDATE: I will be adding more screenshots as the game develops, just to show work is getting done because I am getting quite a lot of people talking about how they think that nothing is happening.

Welcome to the Radiated Pre-Patch(10) Screenshots, enjoy.



I just wanted to show you guys that progress is being made and that a lot is being done, I hope you all enjoyed these Pre-Patch screenshots, I plan to get out Patch 10 as soon as possible!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :).

Apr 10, 2014

Pre 10 Info

Just wanted to get some info to you guys before the Patch 10 comes out!

Quickly I want to say, that the Inventory system is currently being worked on. I am making it VERY advanced with many different crafting features included in it. There is no crafting menu, crafting is done by right clicking say, a cloth pants, and clicking "Tear into rags" which forms rags that you can use to bandage yourself.

The new inventory will be very advanced, and I hope to make it Network-Safe too!

The whole map has been redesigned, and you will see that in the Patch 10.

I will be updating this post with any questions you ask in the comments of it!


"Will there be &%(!)%@*%)" - Robofighter1000
-I plan to have different islands to go on, ship wrecks, and things like that. Also in my game there currently is no PvE option, only PvP.

"How long have you been making games?" - Conner Roberts
-Well I made my first ROBLOX game when I was 6. I made my first 2D game using RPG Maker when I was 8. And I made my first real 2D game when I was 10. But I didn't start scripting 3D games or making them until I was 13. 

ROBLOX Games - 6-8
RPG 2D Games 8-10
Real 2D Games 10-12
Professional 3D Games - 13-13 (I will be 14 in June)

Honestly I think I have been making Professional 3D Games for.... 5 Months?

[Answered Comments]
"When will the beta be up?" - Anonymous
-I plan to release the beta sometime after patch 10, and before patch 11.

"Will there be boats so we don't have to swim to other islands?" - Robofighter1000
-Of course, but don't expect boats to be common, they will be rare, and probably most of them will end up broken, I plan to have most of the vehicles in my game derivable  but you'll need to repair them and find parts.

"Will there be wetness where we are wayed down for a few minutes after we get out of the water from swimming?" - Robofigher1000
-A lot of spelling errors there, anyways each clothes is made out of a material (Which also defines if you can rip it up into rags or not) Depending on the material I will make so it slows you down when exiting water, as well as make for how long it takes to dry off (Dry off times I do not intend to be very long). This also reminds me to tell you guys, depending on how much weight your carrying will depend how fast you go, and how much stamina you have, as well as how long you can swim for, because swimming takes up stamina.

"Will there be a very rare aircraft?" - Anonymous
-There will be a very rare everything, a very rare gun, helicopter, plane, shirt, etc. As for very rare aircraft, I guess that covers the field of jet, plane, and helicopter. Which I guess the very rare aircraft I would do, would be a jet at some Really hard to get into secret military airfield. And it only will have a 5% chance to spawn in.

HOWEVER currently there are no vehicles, I do plan to have derivable ones created before the beta. But chances are no 'air' vehicles will be created by then. At least not ones that you can fly.

"How about a oil tanker in the water that you can go up to?" - Anonymous
-Oil tanker huh? This sounds as if I will need to do some expanding to the world, maybe at a later time.

"Will there be submarines? or a spaceship lol jk" - Anonymous
-Currently I do not plan to be adding submarines, maybe wrecked ones, but no derivable.
And there already is a spaceship (The UFO Easter Egg) xD

"Will the environment be destructible?" - Anonymous
-Yes, I plan to have an 100% interactive | Destructible environment.

"How about a wooden row boat that is damaged but it faster than swimming?" - Anonymous
-I plan to have different vehicles and different states they can be in. A wooden row boat, sure.


Due to a Unity Glitch, I have to start over on a lot of the currently made assets. This will push development back a lot, a lot of buildings, vehicles and things like that I can no longer use because of this glitch. So I will need to redo them, sorry for the delay I plan to get things fixed ASAP!

Apr 8, 2014

Rad_9 "A brand new world"

So now that spring break is over I will not be able to get as much to you guys, so sorry ;( The week of spring break however made me get a lot done on the game, however I regret not getting more done, I feel as if I achieved little over the course of spring break,

[If you do not want to see what I added during spring break and skip to the actual stuff, just scroll down until you see the bunch of -------------------- 's ]

Features done during Spring Break:
-Deleted Old Development UI
-Redesigned Chat System
-Created new Global Damage Script
-Added Chat messages for player status, no longer can you see how much blood you have, you will have to guess based on how blurry your screen gets, and you can always tell if your bleeding if you look down and watch the blood drip off your character.

Status Messages:
-My arm really hurts (Arm really damaged0
-I think I broke my arm (Arm Broken)
-My leg really hurts (Leg really damaged)
-I think I broke my leg (Broken Leg)
I can feel warm blood dripping down my body (Player is bleeding)
My clothes are soaked in Blood (Been bleeding for awhile)
I'm really tired (Stamina is below 50%) -Stamina drains slowly BTW
I can't run for much longer (Stamina is below 20%)

If your total stamina gets below 15%, your character will get exhausted and go unconscious.


(1)Breaking your Arm:
-Decreased Accuracy
-Increased Recoil
-You take more damage at your arm
Triggered by:
-Over 400 damage taken to the arm at once
Fixed by:
-Not sure how to approach fixing a broken arm

(2) Break your leg
-Cannot jump
-Cannot run
-Walk Speed decreased
Triggered by:
-Hitting the ground at over 10 Velocity
Fixed by: (Fixing a broken leg, does not completely restore your character as it will take time for the leg to fully restore)
-Morphine (Planned)
-Splint (Planned)

(3) Bleeding
-Blood loss
-Screen will get fuzzy from too much blood loss
Triggered by:
-Over 150 Damage taken anywhere on the body at once
-A sharp weapon hits you at all
Fixed by:
-Bandaging yourself (Planned)

(4) Death
-Your body will drop to the floor, and your screen will say "You are dead".
Triggered by:
-Blood hitting 0 or below.

(5) Unconscious
-You will not be able to see what is going on, but you can hear
-Your screen will read "You are Unconscious".
-You will be on the ground and unable to move
Triggered by:
-Bleeding very badly (Blood loss is 2.2 per frame or higher)
-Blood is below a certain percentage
-A blunt weapon is used on your characters head, and you have no head protection (Planned not added)

You can bleed different amounts, depending on the attack given on you. You can also bleed multiple times, say shot one place, shot in another, and stabbed, well your now bleeding in 3 separate places.

Models added:
-Apartment Building A
-The Funnel Tower
-Coffee Mug
-Coffee Stain
-Destroyed Wire
-Hanging Wire
-Chair A
-Wooden Chair A
-Wooden Table A
-Wooden Cupboard A
-Window A
-Window B
-Destroyed truck A
-Vending Machine A (Soda)
-Soda (Dew from a Mountain)
-Soda (Pepsee)
-Graffiti Art Design Textures
-Wooden Sign A
-A ton more, but I do not want to give away any, and I am probably forgetting some that you already know

Textures Added:
- 14 Terrain Textures
-11 Icons
-30 other (Misc, like territory graffiti and etc)

AI's Added:

Main Game play Mechanics Added:
-Basic AI Interaction
-Pulling lighter in & out


So looking at the list you can see a lot got done, but somehow I feel as if it still wasn't enough. I don't know, maybe I am weird that way? Anyways, I love how you guys have been sticken' by me through this whole process and I plan to actually postpone posting Patch 10, because I am redesigning the map, let me show you why:

That is the current map, as you can see the city takes up nearly 1/4 the entire island, then there's the village, and farm, and research facility (Research facility not modeled yet or the farms). Anyways based off of the sketch I made on where things are going, I need a much bigger island, I like the design I currently have, but I am just going to redesign it a little as well as make it bigger.

So on patch 10, I plan to have the city fully finished and ready to show, as well as a new island to show off. I will still call it "Kumoi Island" however since i like that name :) .

Also to conner, you got really close to what I added but you weren't correct, however you were close enough since I don't have many Easter eggs, and I plan to have hundreds.

What I added in the last update was:
-Your character will say when he is bleeding (Wrong, conner said he talks when gets hurt, which is sorta right but not the same)
-A working AI System Interaction between the Spider & Player (Correct)
-A brand new building (There was no way of you guys knowing what type of building) it was an apartment.
-Added some tire props & funnel tower.

I know this is a lot of info to take in, I don't expect it all to be read at once, probably in bits in pieces well your checking the latest update from your phone. However, it's all the info you guys should know :) .

Again, patch 10 delayed for Map remake and new city.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

Also if anyone knows how to make a subsection like Greg does with his [FeedBack] Section, that would be greatly appreciated info! :D

Apr 7, 2014

Rad_8 "Like a spider in the night"

It is the end of Spring Break, so I cannot get as many updates to you guys with as much detail. I plan to try my hardest to continue Daily Patches, but I can not make any guarantees.

So based off the title you can tell that this is another one of those secret patches where you have to guess what is going on, but you know that it is a very large patch.

If that was your guess when reading the title, before reading the explanation, you were correct, and you deserve a cookie :)

Looking towards the city port (Well where I plan to have the port)

A closer look at the tower,

Inside a building, BUT WHAT buILDING?!

Me, a spider, look at the top left chat, guess what's going on.
Also, everywhere else is blacked out because
this took place just outside the city, and I didn't wanna give away
the city yet.

I am not too sure about the new Cyan Colored sky, let me know what you guys think, I think I may need to lighten the color more towards white, a little black.

Anyways, so based off of what you can see, Ima do another trivia, whoever can guess what the main thing I did today was, gets a cookie :D

Also any easter egg of their choice gets added to the game.

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)


"Why are you making your game realistic if its graphics aren't?" - Everybody who knows me
-Because a game doesn't need great graphics to be realistic, I plan to bring realism back into the gaming industry, but of course not too much realism, what's the fun in a totally realistic game? With a totally realistic game you might as well just walk outside and do stuff yourself.

I intend to bring the sense of realism to my game, as well as the sense of Adventure, and fantasy.

Apr 6, 2014

Rad_7 "Welcome to the City"

Based on the title, I think you know what this update is about.

I got a lot done,
and by a lot.
I mean

The city is now a lot more populated, street lights, stop signs, added more buildings, some wrecked cars, scattered things, and added a lot more detail props to the world!

However, I have decided NOT to share a picture of the city quite yet. Not until I get my main masterpiece that I plan to add to it done (A very big building) and some more detail props.

Instead I will show you guys some of the more minor things I have done:

How many of you can guess what this is? :3
Sorry that I didn't provide much detail or pictures in this update, but until I get the final buildings for the city done, I don't want it being shown.

Tomorrow I plan to work on the first construction site!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)


"Can you tell me how you make your chat system?" - Anonymous
-Real quick I just wanna say the first guy who replied to you wasn't me, that was someone acting like it was me. I will say this now so everyone knows

I do not reply to comments on my own blog, with a comment.

Basically if you ask a question on the Comments, I will answer it in the Form of a FeedBack section or by Email, but I do not actually make a comment as a reply. So if someone named 'Blake Gillman' replies to your comment through the comments area, it wasn't me.

Anyways to answer your question, I do not like discussing how I did things publicly, go on the FAQ page and feel free to send me an email :)

Apr 5, 2014

Rad_6 "Terrain & Interface"

So another productive day today, I deleted the old test terrain and I decided to create a brand new terrain. This game takes place on my own made-up planet, and in my own made-up country. You are on a Island, called Yumoi:

The east coast of the island
A lot of things I will be moving over to Textures, like the roads.

This new island will allow me to keep players within the play area better, as well as allow me to implement more features like Swimming, drinking salt water (Which will have effects) and other things. As well as create a cool short map for when the Open Beta comes up.

The next thing I did was get rid of the old Interface. That was simply for testing, you no longer just 'know' how much blood you have, how thirsty you are, and things like this. No way IRL could you just look down at your self and go, oh I am at 96% Blood.

Instead your screen will be effected by how much blood you have as well as different effects will be created.

If you are bleeding, your character will acknowledge this, and you will begin to see blood come out of your body.

And if you break your leg, you will be unable to jump, run, and your movement will become decreased, your character will also acknowledge that too:

Yes it is spammed, its a glitch I plan to fix.

And finally I updated a lot of the Icons, and added some. (Won't show though).

That is all for today, not sure what I will work on tommorow, probably expanding on the city by adding more buildings and props, and start on weapons and things like this. Just so you guys know, I already have some enemies / Animals made up, I just want you guys to find them out, not me to give them away on the blog :)

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay Awesome :)

Apr 4, 2014

Rad_5 "Icons \ Props"

So sorry for not getting a post to you guys yesterday, I got too caught up in Playing DayZ :3, however it's not all bad, I made a DayZ Screenshot:

That's my bro, I had him stage the shot, well I layed on the ground (Had an M4, you can see its barrel at the bottom right).

Anyways, back to my game. So I worked a lot on Icons for the game since I will be putting an inventory system into the game soon, and I think the icons turned out REALLY well:

Sorry for the lines and stuff, but last time I posted Icons for my game on a blog, I found them being used on other games, just better to be safe :).

Next thing I did was add some more props to the world:

As soon as I get the Hunger / Thirst stats going, you will then be able to drink out of the well, however this will add to your RADS, since most water is dirty now-adays. (I thought up that this is a nuclear apocalypse) and a lot of the water has some Radiation in it, your rads can also increase by going near Radiated sights and factories. Different water areas will increase your rads by different amounts, some might even be clean. In the future you will be able to clean any water you find with tools.


"What are you holding?" - Robofighter1000
-Currently the player is holding a Zipo Lighter, it does not actually having a 'fire' coming out of it, but I plan to get to that soon!

Apr 2, 2014

Rad_4 "The Big One"

I got a mess load done today, worked for hours straight, back kinda hurts now but It was definitely worth it, I was on a role!

The first thing I did was since I used an Anonymous persons game idea from the comments, I finally got around to making the Easter Egg they requested.

See if you can guess what it is lol.

Anyways, the next thing I did was create "Territories", the land is now claimed up by different Survivor factions and Religions. There currently are only 2 Factions.

You can find their emblems / markings on Signs they planted, as grafiti, and sometimes they will leave an "official" mark on those they kill.

Then I got around to recreating the Chat, which now has an Admin / Default user system. Admins are "GM" or GameMaster. If not a GM you are a D, Default User. If you are a default user, your chat is white. If you are an GM, your chat is yellow. Messages that tell you that players have connected or are connecting are displayed in green.

And finally I got around to adding some AI's to the game, not enemies like I hoped but just general animals. Right now there is a Bird that will fly away once you get near it, well he will flap his wings, but he doesn't quite know how to fly yet :3

That was a mess load for today so that is why the title is "The Big One", (This is also because whenever I did a really big update on Alone World, I called it "The Big one". I also made some new Main Menu animations and some easter eggs there, which you guys will discover when playing the Open Beta.

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you guys in the next post! Stay Awesome :)


"I am interested in what type of enemies you plan to add" - Robofighter1000
Oh don't worry, I plan to have some enemies made by the next patch, though I won't show them. I want you guys to discover the enemies as you play the game, let the come as a surprise when the Open Beta Access comes around.

Apr 1, 2014

Rad_3 "Interface \ Mechanics"

I just got word from my team of elite trained monkeys, that a nuclear bomb has been set off at the middle of the earth. we will all be dead within months. In order to prepare for this, I have cancelled the production of all my games. And there will no longer be such thing as Bondo Games, it is now called BAGEL,

If my team of elite monkeys come to pick you up and bring you to a safe shelter, please give them this information:



Thank you, and I hope your safe!


So today as you can see from the title, I worked a lot on the Interface of the game, created a Main Menu, added a HUD for the player, and made so he has a new light source:

As you can see I also added some Grafiti to the game which will help add to that sense of realism.

There is also now instead of a flashlight, everyone has a lighter which can be pulled out and put away. This will provide some light for the player, and it will soon have a fuel system where it can run out of juice eventually. In the future you will be able to light things on fire with it.

You also now break your leg, and take damage from different things, when you break your leg a notification will pop up telling you so, then it will dissapear. In case you somehow forget your leg is broken, until it is fixed there will be a permanent message shown below telling you that your leg is broken.

Also I decided to work on the terrain a little bit, so I added some mountains in the back which will later serve as a game border, and worked on a Day / Night Cycle:

Looking during night
Looking during day
 So now that we have movement, damage, and the general UI created, tomorow I plan to start adding some enemies to the game, as well as some weapons the player can use. As well as working on Multiplayer, as currently it isn't working and you can only play Singleplayer.

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you guys in the next post! Stay Awesome :)