Feb 28, 2014

TBR_6 & Alone World

I just want to clear this up, some people were confused apparently. "TBR_6" means The Big Room Patch 6. Not that I have made 6 different versions of this game lol.

Anyway, so recently I been playing a lot of games more than developing because I was really tired of the non-stop days of scripting, But now that I am back to it I have some really cool stuff to show you guys.

First, Substances

I worked on this new thing called "Substances" it basically takes the depth and shadows of a 2D image and helps make it 3D, I have used this technique on a few things.

The Test Scene for my 2 Substances (Brick & Roof)

The Room there is just a setup scene I made for testing substances only.

Using a light I have managed to show my new Substance skills with a Brick wall & Roof.

This new Substances system will allow for 100% Top Quality Graphics. It makes things look actually there, walking up to the bricks, it actually seems like there are a bunch of bricks there casting individual shadows and having individual depths, even though in reality its a single image.

Also I decided to bring back up my old blog just so I can look at it as a reference for how I have come so far. And I found a really good post I made a while back that shows how my skills have developed.
"Let's Take a Review"

It showed how the game "Alone World" Developed over about the time of One Month, and to me its astonishing how far I have gone. From Triangles and squares, to this.

Also looking back on my old Alone World game I see a lot more potential than I saw at first, in fact I might just decide to redesign the game and continue its production, who knows.
Go ahead and give me your opinion on some things on the Polls below!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you guys in the next post!


  1. Anonymous3/03/2014

    alone world was a really good game and i remember its first open beta. it was really cool how you had so many different models and there were two cities and neither of them like one another, as well as there was really cool bandits!

  2. Anonymous3/03/2014

    also can you fix the deer because i remember when i played the game that they floated
    oh and the guns had unlimited ammo

  3. Also make sure to completely redo the game, last I checked your graphics were better than last time you worked on the game.

    also when you played the game, you felt really small for some reason. Fix that please :)

    Oh and as I recall you need to work on how the NPCs work because the bandit could shoot you through walls and the big bugs would turn sideways when attacking you.