Feb 24, 2014


[This patch contains No Pictures, and is very long, if that bothers you please skip it]
As usual I optimized the Networking again, All the versions so far, movement was very "Jittery". It was basically saying that this is where your character is, tell that to the server, then send it back to the clients. And that made kind of a laggy, and jumpy feel to the game. Using a better system, I now have a script that kind of "Guesses" the way your character is going and makes the transaction really smooth. The servers are syncing very well, so I can officialy say that the Networking of the game is going Fantastic.

I have run into a problem (That I did try to hide) In TBR_4 You will notice that I got a screenshot of two people facing to the side, this is because the Animation system is no longer working. It just seems to have broke all of a sudden. Not sure why, but I will get to the bottom of it. Right now it looks like each of the characters body parts are floating away from the body.

Some planned features is adding Faces, as well as some Character Customization.

I did get the legos to snap together a little, so now building with them will become possible. I have already setup a test house for it too!

"So this will be like GTA, where you can do any thing to a certain extent" - Robofighter1000
-I am not sure what you mean by this, the plan of the game is it to be a "mess around" game. Do whatever you want, but every thing you do has an effect. I plan to have the different Nations and races of the Toy World. the "Stuffed Kind" which of course would consist of Stuffed Animals. the "United Legos", pretty self-explanitory name. Things like that.

You will be able to make friends or enemies with each Nation and race, as well as I hope to maybe create a Job system, so it's not all about war, for the players that prefer to run a store or things like that.

And as for a Beta Test day, I think that when I get the Inventory system created and Optimized, as well as add items and weapons, that I should by then have the Open Beta up and running.

Also, another reason why I do not have an Open Beta currently running is due to the fact that I need a little more of a "Regular Audience" so to speak. If I was to do an Open Beta, it would be kind of boring due to the fact that it would be just you on a server. I know that it would be interesting to explore the world and build a little but the real fun is when you get to shoot people and mess around with friends.

Also if you guys think that I am doing something wrong or that I am not adding the correct stuff, go ahead and let me know by taking a vote.  http://www.strawpoll.me/1211108

I put a lot of options there so I would be able to cover what every one wanted (hopefully) If your answer isn't there just leave a suggestion in the comments (This is multiple choice so select as many as you want)

That's all for this patch, hope to see you guys in the next, and feel free to leave a comment!


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  2. Anonymous2/25/2014

    Can i test it? And when will there be weapons and canyoyu build yet?

  3. Anonymous2/25/2014

    Another anonymous post but I think you need to work on the screen itself. like the health bar and stuff,

  4. Anonymous2/27/2014

    Still waiting for that next patch