Feb 20, 2014


So today is a really good day. A day that defines a new meaning in all my games. In every thing I have ever created ever in the history of my life.

Today is the day

Me and some friends messing around :3

That is right! You can now go online and chat with your friends, as well as see when they connect and disconnect. As well as see what type of user they are. Currently there are 3 types, D, V, and A.

"D" - Default Status
"V" - V.I.P
"A" - Admin

Administrators will be able to Kick / Ban people, as well as fly around and turn GodMode on and off. Currently God Mode is working.

V.I.P is the "Gold" membership, an account that has been upgraded and therefore gets bonus features. Currently no one can get upgraded, and no added features come from being different types, but there will be in the future!

"Will you be able to pick up legos and build stuff?" - Robofighter1000
-That's the plan, you will be able to build any thing you want with legos you find. Remember that there will be races like Barbie Dolls, Teddy Bears, and things like that. Your part of the lego race, so if you piss off one race it could destroy whatever you make!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I hope to see you in the next post!

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  1. so it is like a good version of gta you can do any thing you want but to a certain extent