Feb 16, 2014


So today I have worked on a lot of modeling as well as creating some better Networking Features.  You can now on the Main Menu pick your name, and there is a full featured multiplayer menu with the ability to join a random match, create your own, or look at the list of servers. The cloud hosts every thing for you, so you never have to have your Port forwarded, the cloud hosts it for you! :D In this way any one can setup a Multiplayer server.

I also added Actions your player can perform. Like jumping, bowing, etc.

The main menu screen which features an overview of the room

On joining the server (The lock icon is showing that this server has no password to it)

The player waving at the camera :D

Tommorow I plan to start on Crafting and Weapons!

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post!


  1. Anonymous2/17/2014

    When can we play the game?

  2. Anonymous2/17/2014

    whenever i make a game in unturned no one else can join it but me is that same with your game?

  3. Anonymous2/17/2014

    will there be guns

    oh and will i be able to drive like a toy car or something that would be cool