Feb 13, 2014

One Step Farther

So working more with Networking, I have figured out how to send variables between servers so now players will be able to kill each other! Yay!

Also I have been doing a little more work on "The Bafin Analogy" and I plan to get some info on that up sometime.

It's time we lay the ideas down. We do need to come up with a good game idea, that I can get started on. I have no idea where to start however, (And not to be offensive) But a lot of you guys just came up with quick ideas with no meaning, and really a lot of them didn't make any sense. And most of the ones that did, were poorly explained. So here I am again trying to create a good game idea to create now that I get how Networking and things like that work.

Also I have decided to learn how to create editor tools for Unity, so it will become easier for me to design games.

So hope to see you guys post some well-explained ideas, and give a little thought behind them, and I'll see you in the next post!

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