Nov 5, 2014

A Reminder

Do please read the last post it really shows the history of my Game Development, Thanks :)

I just wanted to remind people that my new blog is still up and just hit its 30th Post, with a game that actually looks possible, Check it out here:

Do note that this is the last post that will be put up on this Blog, So make sure to post your comments on the new one! Thanks!

Sep 1, 2014

The History of Bondo Games

I know this is sort of odd, but every time my skill level increases 5x more than it was I get the feeling I need a new blog to represent me. First it was

Then I began creating my own scripts from scratch and moved to this blog (The one your currently on)

     And finally I know am fluent in both JS and C# and I think its time to boost to the Ultimate Blog to represent me, one that I plan to use Professionaly and to express myself as a Programmer.

I have a lot of Creations and times into Bondo Games, from my first game to my next and next. Here are some Screenshots I have piled together from games I have made over time:

Alone World

Alone World V2
Fallen Path
Alone World 2
The Big Room

Sub Rosa

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking by!
You can check out what I'm doing now Here:

Again, thanks and I'll see you there!

Aug 27, 2014

Lack of Patches & SubRosa Features

          I know there has been a lack of Posts, and Patches but I do want to assure you guys that I am still active in the field. In fact I am pleased to announce my game "Sub Rosa" is ready for the Greenlight, only it needs the $100 funds to do so. And since I have just about done everything to Sub Rosa I can until real testing gets going I have decided to not sit around and take on a new project (This post is actually a little late) But I have been working on something called "Axe" its a 'Secretive' project so I won't let you guys know what its about or what it is until its ready. All I will provide will be screenshots with a brief explanation and you guys will get to guess what the game is about.

          Again sorry for the lack of posts but again, been busy school is coming up in a week and  things have been a little chaotic, however just to assure you things are still getting done. Let me go over some of the features of Sub Rosa:

+ Ladder System
+ Health System (Server Sync)
+ Animation Syncng
+ Realistic Driving Physics
+ Inventory System (3 Items, 1 Equipment, 1 Special item)
+ Blood, Bullets, Sparks,
+ Death System (With Respawn Timer)
+ Server Creation
+ Error Logs (Detailed to the Situation)
+ Basic AI (Shoot at you, run, and can be killed)
+ Vehicle Details (Windows can be shot out, Wheels can be popped)

Or a Brief Feature List
+ Full Multiplayer Compatability (With Server Creation)
+ Detailed Car Physics and Extras
+ Advanced Shooting System
+ Inventory Picking
+ Basic AI Implementation

Again sorry for lack of updates, but the game is ready for Steam, it just needs the funds to be put up.

Thanks for reading, Feel free to leave a Comment and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)


Aug 9, 2014

48 Hour Challenge Results:

Well this was a bust.... 9 people entered the Contest. Not one of them Submitted their game, but yet are Online, half of them came up with excuses as to why they never even started. The other half never finished it.

Well anyways, here's the game I made for the Challenge: Put into a WinRAR File because otherwise the Browser blocks all Unity Files:

My Game Download:

WinRAR Download:


That is showing off one of the 5 Items used for Mining, There was a six that was a work in progress but I never got time to finish it.:

The image you will notice is blurry because the image is actually really small because its made out of very little pixels. But that Drill was the "Modern Drill" That game after the Factory Drill (The factory drill can be seen in the first image) But I never had the time to Implement it into the game. I probably might at some later point because I am thinking of posting this on the Microsoft App Store for free, and do a few adds on it to get some revenue for Sub Rosa. Which by the way is doing Great, improved car physics even more.

Anyways, Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post. Stay awesome :)